Chemical Recycling: How Analytical Solutions Enable an Effective Circular Economy for Plastics

10.04.2024 von 14:30 - 15:00

Halle B1 / 131

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By 2060, global plastic waste is set to triple. Currently, only 9% is recycled. To solve the plastic waste problem, the EU and others are aiming for a circular economy. Keeping plastic in the loop also reduces our dependence on fossil resources. 
A new technology ‒ chemical recycling ‒ is bringing the circular economy for plastics within reach as it can recycle plastic waste that is unsuited for mechanical recycling. As with any new technology, hurdles need to be overcome. In this case, one of the main challenges is the heterogeneous nature of plastic waste which means that the intermediate product of chemical recycling – pyrolysis oil – is also highly variable in composition. 
This presentation explains how analytical solutions (e.g., ICP-OES, combustion elemental analysis) can help to conduct quality control at crucial points during the chemical recycling process:
1) Is the pyrolysis oil ready for the steam cracker?
2) evaluation of incoming plastic waste, and
3) wastewater evaluation.