Analysis with biological test equipment
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One infrastructure—two workflows. The flexible Collaborate2Lab laboratory island connects chemical and biological laboratories.

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Traditional laboratories are separated into units for chemical-physical and biological processes. In many cases the usage of the infrastructure can only be overseen for a short planning interval. Aim of the presented solution is therefore to provide an infrastructure that fulfills a large variety of needs. The laboratory island Collaborate2Lab designed by the partners Labforward GmbH, Nikyang Enterprise Ltd., the Eppendorf AG and the TU Dresden, Research group SmartLab systems and located in the center of the action area of the Forum Digital Transformation shows as first of a kind a transformable laboratory infrastructure that adapts to these different requirements.

Additionally, the presented laboratory system based on the innovative honeycomb modules is equipped with collaborative robotic arms and a mixed reality visualization as well as an interaction system to interlink all integrated devices with the workflow automation software Laboperator. At analytica 2020 in Munich the fusion of the two laboratory worlds – chemical and biological – with an alternating demonstration of a chemical preparation process and a biological sample preparation can be closely experienced for the first time.

iHex—the flexible laboratory system

The new laboratory system iHex by TU Dresden – SmartLab systems levels up the working processes in laboratories. Mobile honeycomb-shaped working tables are grouped with fixed elements of the same geometry and can then be used for every laboratory workflow together with function-integrated and interconnected devices. Combined with intuitive workflow-automation and many more features iHex is the starting point into the Laboratory of the Future.


Laboperator is the leading solution for connecting any laboratory equipment, across manufacturers. Laboratory equipment, sensors and other devices can be connected, workflows set up and then controlled and via an easy-to-use software. Instrument data and events are acquired is collected on-the-fly. In this way the "connected lab" you can build your flexible, connected lab, step by step.


Labfolder is a well designed productive and collaborative central platform for laboratory teams, used by more than 30,000 users worldwide. With Labfolder scientists are able to easily collect, organize, search and validate data and results within their teams. The solution is available in the cloud or on a local server. Labfolder can be tested in the cloud with up to 3 users.

NIKYANG—Your automated solutions

Founded in 1998, NIKYANG Enterprise Limited has developed a reputation for dynamic leadership, satisfying our customers with innovative one-stop fully-automated laboratory solutions and support. Our state-of-the-art products and services make a major contribution to promoting lab efficiency, modernization, and consistency of results across a range of industries in Asia. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we support our customers through an extensive sales network in major cities of China and other Asian countries. We are the region’s sole distributor for a select group of highly respected European brands of advanced laboratory equipment. Our customers are mostly quality control and research & development labs in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food sectors, as well as government laboratories and university research centres.

Eppendorf—Centrifuge 5425

The versatile Eppendorf Centrifuge 5425 has a capacity of up to 10 x 5 mL and reaches a maximum of 21300 x g or 15060 rpm. With this centrifuge you can select from 6 different rotors and it has 3 program keys for direct selection of user-defined settings and more than 10 different acceleration and breaking ramps.

You can also experience the following hands-on stations at analytica:

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