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Computer-based active-substance design and high-throughput screening are indispensible in modern active-substance research. From drug discovery to drug approval, developing new medications is a very tedious and costly process. Automated techniques and ultra-fast high-throughput methods are needed to minimize development times and increase efficiency.

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These companies for example were presented at 2018:

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analytica in Munich presents the latest developments in the sector for drug discovery and features corresponding expert solutions to any problem. Like no other trade fair, analytica depicts the entire industry. Exhibitors present automation concepts for all areas of the laboratory as well as biosynthesis, chemical syntheses, chromatography and spectrometry analysis methods and genetic engineering techniques. Mass spectrometry, PCR methods, assays and microarrays, lab-on-a-chip technologies and point-of-care (POCD) diagnostics are given special attention at the fair.

Computer-based techniques and high-throughput screening generate gigantic quantities of data that must be meaningfully evaluated and effectively managed. The role that biology and peptide libraries play is just as important as new software packages, data evaluation and managing laboratory data. Big data and Laboratory 4.0 are becoming topics in their own right. The newest and most important system solutions and tools are presented in Munich, also with regard to legal guidelines and norms. Innovations that comply with the latest laws and standards are the most important prerequisites for progress and economic growth—both in the pharmaceutical industry and in agriculture.

Cost pressure and increasing efficiency call for complex automation solutions and bioinformatics answers for next-generation drug discovery.

The following future-oriented solutions that pertain to drug discovery are presented at analytica:

High-throughput screening • Instrumental analysis • Synthesis techniques • Biotechnology and genetic engineering • Lab-on-a-chip technology • POC diagnostics • Next-generation sequencing • Molecular biology • Bioprinting • Proteomics • Genomics • Metabolomics • Omics technologies • Big data • Bioinformatics • Laboratory 4.0 • Evaluation techniques • Data processing and LIMS • Laws and standards • GMP and GLP, ISO • Pharmacopeia • Sterile and clean-room technology • Nanotechnology • Immunology • Gene therapies • Clinical studies

analytica 2022—Trade show information for exhibitors

analytica 2022 will take place from June 21 to 24, 2022 at the Messe München exhibition center.

In 5 halls with a total of 55,200 square meters, you will find exactly the right place to present your company to your audience in a targeted and effective manner. As the industry's most important marketplace, analytica brings together scientists, entrepreneurs and users from all over the world. Market leaders, global players and decision-makers meet at the industry's most authoritative forum with trade visitors from high-investment industrial sectors as well as from research and science. Use the powerful network for your success.

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