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Whether it comes to water, soil or air analysis: The international trade fair analytica in Munich features state-of-the-art analysis equipment and the latest developments. Application specialists will explain how they are used based on examples from actual practice.

Market leaders and innovative companies

Renowned exhibitors present the latest products and services of environment analysis.


You can find all the leading manufacturers and startups focusing on environment analysis which participate in analytica 2020 in our exibition directory.

Environmental analytics - technology fosters more accurate results

analytica depicts all aspects of environmental analysis, from sampling, which is extremely important when it comes to the quality and validity of analysis results, especially in the environmental sector, to various analysis techniques and evaluation methods taking the latest standards and regulations into account.

Water is our most precious commodity. Drinking water is the most tested thing that we consume. In trace and ultratrace analysis, detection and identification limits continue to decline, and that, in turn, can have consequences for the various regulations. Chromatography methods such as GC, IC and HPLC coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometers have been routine water testing techniques for quite some time.

Fluorescence spectrometry and microscopy, Raman spectrometry and IR, AAS and ICP, element analyzers and especially TOC determination or online SPE and monitoring tools, biotests and biomarkers are indispensible in environmental analysis. They play an important role both in monitoring drinking water, process water and sewage and in testing surface waters, soil and air quality and are distinguished by their accuracy, selectivity and specificity.

Interest focuses on ways to detect and characterize natural and anthropogenic substances such as brominated and fluorinated compounds or pharmaceutically active and endocrine disrupting substances with toxic potential. However, the enrichment and impact of micro- and nanoparticles in organisms also represents increased risk potential for the environment and safety.

The level of automation in environmental analysis is expected to increase. Similarly, data management and environmental databases for evaluating and assessing the environmental performance and compatibility of specific substances will continue to increase in significance.

Latest developments of the rapidly growing market for environmental analysis

analytica covers all the topics of environmental analysis (water testing, soil testing and air analysis) in theory and practice. Find out about the trends and developments in fields such as:

Sample-preparation systems and sample digestion systems • Element analyzers • Chromatography systems: GC, DC, IC, HPLC coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometers • Spectrometry techniques • Microscopy, Raman spectrometry and IR, AAS and ICP • TOC determination • Online SPE • Monitoring tools • Biotests and biomarkers • Water testing • Soil testing • Air analysis • Food analysis • Micro- and nanotechnology • Particulate determination • Automation • LIMS and software • Trace and ultratrace analysis • Material analysis • Brominated substances • Fluorinated compounds • Endocrine disrupting substances • Pharmaceutically active substances • Aerosols • Species analysis

A highly comprehensive environmental analysis program

In addition to the fair, our extensive supporting program gives visitors unique insights into current theory and practice.

Dealing with complex issues in the environmental analysis sector calls for state-of-the-art analysis technology such as that presented by experts for experts in the exhibition, at the Live Labs and in the forums at analytica in Munich.

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