Natural cosmetics are the latest trend

Discover new high-resolution analytical systems, instruments, solutions and methods for cosmetic analytics in Munich at analytica in April 2024.

Natural cosmetics still on trend

Demand for natural cosmetics and natural skin care products continues unabated. Consumers place the highest value on the origin of the ingredients and the authenticity of the products. To be able to control and ensure the high quality of natural cosmetic products, the industry needs high-resolution, high-performance and intelligent analysis systems, equipment and methods. analytica offers you a market overview of the state of the art along the entire supply chain.

Cosmetics industry – the top topics at analytica

  • Next-generation technologies
  • Laboratory equipment
  • highly specific analytical and bioanalytical methods
  • automation and evaluation methods
  • digitalization
  • sustainability

Carcinogenic substances in decorative cosmetics

Prohibited preservatives, dyes and formaldehyde as well as heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chrome and nickel are still being used in decorative cosmetics. Fan, carnival and theater makeup in particular have high levels of hazardous substances. The fact that children's makeup also tested positive for prohibited carcinogenic and mutagenic preservatives and dyes is particularly concerning. Even carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PACs) were detected in makeup sticks.

New solutions for the cosmetics industry

At the world's leading trade fair for analytical technology, you can get to know all the analytical and testing methods and systems relevant to the cosmetics industry: technologies for the isolation and characterization of natural substances and new plant secondary ingredients for research into new active ingredients, as well as innovative systems relating to sample preparation, high-performance analytics and specific detection methods, including corresponding evaluation procedures. But also the latest instrument technology for the investigation and testing of the quality and purity of raw materials, vitamins and preservatives will be on display; and innovative measurement technology for density, viscosity and pH value determinations awaits you

Matching the latest instrument developments and methods, international market leaders and start-ups will present corresponding services for analytical issues in the cosmetics industry.

Monitoring from raw material to product

With regard to the ingredients of cosmetics, consumers have constantly growing demands. But legislation is also on the move: Continuous quality control and monitoring for compliance with legal requirements using the latest analytical technology is therefore absolutely essential. Innovative analytical technology, such as that on display at analytica, makes it possible to check and detect unauthorized additives throughout the entire supply chain.

In the interests of the consumer, the information declared on packaging must be clearly verifiable. To prevent expensive raw materials and valuable active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Q 10, retinol A or vitamins from being replaced by cheap, inferior components, it is essential to reliably verify the origin and authenticity of ingredients using state-of-the-art analytical technology such as LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS or coupling with thermal analysis, and to precisely identify substances that are hazardous to health or unauthorized.

Market leaders and innovative companies

Renowned exhibitors present the latest products and services of cosmetics. For example about this topics.

You can find all the leading manufacturers and startups focusing on cosmetics which participate in analytica 2024 in our exibition directory.

Next Generation technologies for the cosmetics industry

Isolating and characterizing natural substances and new plant-based derived ingredients are becoming increasingly important—both for the research and development of new active substances and for manufacturing biopharmaceuticals and natural cosmetics. Next-generation technologies continue to provide new impetus. The objective is to develop previously unimagined therapeutic approaches in dermatology and personalized functional processes in the future.

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