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Lab 4.0: digital laboratory for greater efficiency

Laboratory 4.0 is marked by innovative automation concepts and digitalization in the laboratory. The ‘digital laboratory’ enables you to master the complexity of the laboratory processes, optimize your processes and increase efficiency. How exactly can this be achieved? At analytica we will show you the latest innovation drivers, such as smart laboratory devices and digital networking. See the laboratory of the future at the trade show!

The latest trends for lab 4.0 at analytica

At analytica in Munich, experts will present integrated automation and digitization solutions in a dedicated Action Area for Lab 4.0. In theory and practice, you will learn about tools, software and network solutions and thus be able to create the perfect conditions for your digital lab.

Market leaders and companies in the field of digital laboratory

Renowned exhibitors present the latest products and services for the lab of the future (Laboratory 4.0) at analytica 2024.

Find all the leading manufacturers and startups focusing on laboratory 4.0 and future lab participating in analytica 2022 in our exhibitor directory.

Unique supporting program round the laboratory of the future

On top of the actual trade show, our extensive suppporting program offers unique insights into the latest theory and practice in lab 4.0.

Forum: Digital Transformation

The new “Digital Transformation” forum in Hall B2 will offer product presentations and expert talks as well as panel discussions round big data, chemometrics and bioinformatics on all trade show days. Renowned researchers from Germany and abroad will provide a concentrated overview of novel methods and techniques as well as their practical applications.

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Special show: Digital Transformation

See our new Action Area at the newly conceived special show “Digital Transformation”. At hands-on islands you cannot only see workflows at the laboratory, but also get involved in them yourselves, to discover the latest trends of digitalization.

More about the special show “Digital Transformation”

Digital Laboratory: what lab 4.0 promises

A broad range of novel approaches to networking laboratory and analysis processes in the supply chain from sample logistics to documentation will be conveyed to the experts at analytica, the upcoming world’s leading trade show for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology and also analytica conference. The experience of experts as to how to increase the efficiency of all processes and, thus, the performance of the laboratory, will be explained in theory and practice by the examples of various workflows.

Interfaces between hardware and software

Innovative technical developments will be presented in Munich alongside optimized networking possibilities and remote servicing systems. This will make laboratories in the different industries central places of the value-added chain. The integration of the various interfaces in hardware and software is an essential prerequisite for the communication between the device modules. The latest insights in this field will be presented in a unique setting in the Laboratory 4.0 Action Area.

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Robotics and intelligent laboratory devices

Against the backdrop of increasing digitalization, various processes and structures have to be reconsidered in the laboratory of the future. The aim is to ensure various flexible additional functions all the way to monitored test processes by making data continuously available. Intelligent modules already control device systems, automatically switch on laboratory devices and control various processes in the laboratory. For example, laboratory modules automatically monitor spilling of collecting tanks and “communicate” with laboratory devices. Thus, integrated tools intelligently control modern laboratory technology.

Big data and clouds

Automation and digitalization make it easy to generate data. The enormous flood of data must, however, be used and made available purposefully. Quick and safe transmission of huge amounts of data, safe storage concepts for big data and the networks and clouds required for all this present the industry with challenges.

Lab 4.0 – shape the laboratory of the future today

Lab 4.0 revolutionizes the laboratory world from sample logistics to data management and allows novel approaches. In the future, big data, cloud computing, the Internet of things and the mobile internet will be of decisive significance as next generation technologies, when it comes to securing future growth.

Find out more about the latest developments and about lab 4.0 at analytica! analytica shows solutions for the laboratory world of tomorrow today.


As next-generation technologies, the lean-lab concept, big data, cloud computing, the Internet of things and mobile Internet will play an extremely significant role in securing growth in the future