Lab automation at analytica

The purpose of lab automation is to make work in the modern laboratory more efficient. But can laboratory automation be successful in the chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, medical or food sectors? At analytica, the leading trade show for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology, we will present the latest trends in automation technology and lab automation systems.

Lab automation—what is it?

The first steps in laboratory automation were actually taken in the 1970s in the chemical industry, where processes such as stirring or temperature control were to be taken over by machines. Lab automation is basically about letting equipment, robotics or software take over processes in the lab as far as possible, for example, in order to free up laboratory staff for other important tasks:

  • free up lab staff time for other important work steps,
  • save costs or
  • increase reproducibility through machine accuracy.

Laboratory automation is thus a subarea of automation technology. The goal here is for the machines to work more and more independently and to eliminate the need for human intervention.

Lab Automation & its application areas

Lab Automation can support you in many areas, for example:

  • Measurements using sensors or analyzers
  • Carrying out experiments, e.g. using robotics
  • Documentation, e.g. of the laboratory journal
  • Evaluation with the help of a database

Find more companies which can support you with laboratory automation and lab automation systems in our exhibitor directory.

Lab automation: preparation is the name of the game

To make sure that thanks to digitalization and robotics this makes the modern laboratory an asset to the day-to-day work, you should commission an accurate preliminary analysis of the processes you conduct on a daily basis, so that they can be transferred to a machine later on.

For the purposes of the lean laboratory it is also advisable to scrutinize all steps at this stage and exclude unnecessary steps.

Individual solutions to your laboratory automation system

After determining the requirements for your laboratory, you will also know which laboratory equipment, facilities and software are needed to make your day-to-day work easier. Since individual solutions are often required, analytica, the leading trade show in this field, offers the perfect opportunity to make contacts with companies in the field of laboratory automation. So visit us in Munich and discover the latest trends in laboratory automation.

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