Laboratory diagnostics – motor of medical progress at analytica 2024

Modern laboratory diagnostics makes an extremely important contribution to medicine. Innovative test methods provide essential foundations for unambiguous diagnoses and the respective successful therapies. Laboratory diagnostics also contributes to scientific breakthroughs with sustainable consequences for society as a whole.

At analytica 2024, the world’s leading trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology and analytica conference, experts from Germany and abroad will present the latest developments from diagnostics, medicine and automation and address trends and effects of digitalization in the laboratory.

Breakthroughs in treatments thanks to innovative laboratory medicine

Innovative diagnostic and analysis methods are a prerequisite for meaningful diagnostics, effective therapies and, thus, breakthroughs in medical treatments. Individual laboratory diagnostics test systems are also the key and groundbreaker for the promising field of personalized medicine:

  • Thus, innovative detection methods using mass spectrometry, as well as automatic and robot-based methods open up new and more profound insights into the metabolism and the effects of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Automatic test methods and the resulting quantities of data make an essential contribution to the pursuit of personalized approaches to diagnostics and treatment: individual gene therapies and customized drugs improve the success of therapies considerably.

A comprehensive range of trendsetting methods and technologies of laboratory diagnostics will be presented to expert visitors at analytica, the world’s leading trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology and analytica conference, in Munich.

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The trends in laboratory diagnostics at analytica 2024

Find the latest information on the industry at analytica. International market leaders and key players will present their trendsetting device systems and evaluation methods to the decision-makers of the sector.

The digital transformation of laboratory medicine

For example, visit the special show Digital Transformation / Laboratory 4.0 to find out everything about the laboratory of the future against the backdrop of increasing digitalization. This is about new processes and structures, future solutions with networked laboratory equipment, holistic automation concepts and efficient interface solutions or things like the continuous availability of gigantic quantities of data including requirements to data handling and safe data storage.

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Bioanalysis research topics

Biomarkers, molecular biology and genetic engineering methods, tumor diagnostics and microfluidics or lab-on-a-chip systems and assays, high-throughput approaches, synthetic biology, bioprinting and tissue engineering add to the extensive range of analysis and bioanalysis questions about the analysis of plasma or bodily fluids.

Tools for laboratory diagnostic research

Like no other event, analytica offers biotechnicians, chemists, pharmacists and physicians a concentrated and structured overview of the latest tools for biotechnological, diagnostic and medical research.

Find information on many topics, including:

Functional medicine • personalized medicine • personalized diagnostics • POC or point-of-care diagnostics • analysis and imaging methods • bioanalysis • molecular biology methods • molecular diagnostics • clinical diagnostics • tumor diagnostics • microbiological methods • microarray and chip technologies • PCR technology • omics technology • gene therapy • enrichment methods • automation • robotics • high throughput and screening • validation • quality assurance and quality control • clinical chemistry • medical chemistry • medical laboratory • laboratory medicine • life sciences

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