Latest lab technology and current industry trends at the world's leading trade fair

Immerse yourself in the world of lab technology and see for yourself future-proof solutions for the laboratory at analytica 2024. In Munich, you will find the latest developments in the laboratory world all in one place.

The importance of lab technology

Lab technology is the basis for working effectively in the laboratory. Efficient laboratory work is only possible in a smooth-functioning laboratory setting. Lab furniture such as laboratory and safety cabinets, lab chairs, laboratory benches with special chemical-resistant surfaces and special weighing tables, energy-efficient fume hoods, media, supply and disposal systems, temperature control, cooling and freezing systems as well as laboratory dishwashers and safety equipment form the foundation of laboratory work.

When applying for funding, a distinction is made between fixed and mobile lab technology. Fixed lab technology includes all systems that are firmly integrated into the building structure, such as the media supply. Mobile laboratory equipment and modular laboratory units can be flexibly adapted to different laboratory requirements.

Lab technology – the top topics at analytica

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Digital Lab
  • compliant with laws and directives future-proof lab technology
  • Sustainability
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Instrumental analysis
  • Elemental analysis
  • Particle analysis
  • Food analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Water analysis

Renowned market leaders and innovative manufacturers will be showcasing the most important developments in lab technology and future-proof laboratory equipment. In Munich, professionals can find absolutely everything they need in terms of laboratory equipment, lab technology and laboratory supplies, from analysis to contemporary laboratory supplies for everyday lab work.

Lab technology of the future

Cutting-edge laboratory equipment will be on show at the international laboratory trade fair analytica in Munich, where you will find every conceivable solution for the safety of laboratory staff and for product protection. Explosion-proof systems and anti-electrostatic charging technologies are as much a feature of modern lab technology as are automatic obstacle detection and alarm triggering.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are completely revolutionizing lab technology, and we are only at the beginning of this new laboratory world. Get an idea of where the smart lab is headed at the world's leading trade show. Discover the latest smart lab technology and the key trends in the lab technology industry at analytica in Munich.

Current trends in the laboratory

In all modern-day laboratories, whether dealing with research and development or quality control, the life sciences or food and environmental analysis, as well as in medical laboratories, the focus is on greater efficiency, flexibility, minimizing costs, and saving time. At the same time, laboratory personnel must contend with increasingly tough demands. Clearly, then, state-of-the-art and functional laboratory equipment is vitally important.

With resource conservation and climate neutrality being an imperative, energy-saving measures and more environmentally friendly processes are becoming increasingly important. The industry is rising to this challenge with a constant stream of new features and technologies. Scarcity of resources and cost pressures are also a major driver behind the development of alternative raw materials and gases. The helium problem, for instance, has resulted in new detection techniques and alternative helium gas substitutes in analysis.

At analytica 2024, find out how the latest lab technology and specific solutions offer a response to the questions of our time. In Munich, renowned experts will be explaining to the trade community how compliant with laws and directives future-proof lab technology must be and highlighting the legal requirements that manufacturers must now fulfill. Prime examples of this right now are cannabis analysis and cannabis/cannabidiol (CBD) quality control.

Automated lab technology and process optimization

The supreme simplicity of automated laboratory instruments supports laboratory staff, delivering reliable results of a consistently high quality. Automating and monitoring individual process steps, optimizing workflows, and automated evaluation procedures significantly speed up laboratory processes and improve the accuracy of measurement results, freeing up time and allowing laboratory staff to concentrate more on their actual measuring tasks. The quality of laboratory work improves, productivity is enhanced and operating costs are kept to a minimum.

Purchasing decisions are motivated not just by quality and safety, but also user convenience, functionality, ergonomics and design.

Market leaders and innovative companies at the laboratory exhibition

analytica is the meeting place for the international trade and global players from laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology. Market leaders and up-and-coming start-ups will present their latest products and services at the laboratory fair.

You can find all big players and up-and-coming young companies working in laboratory analysis in our exhibitor directory.

Which laboratory equipment and technologies will be at analytica?

Find out about the latest developments and products for the laboratory of the future, from sample preparation to analysis and evaluation, at the analytica laboratory trade fair. For example:

  • Lab facilities
  • Sample preparation systems
  • Laboratory mills
  • Microwave digestion systems
  • State-of-the-art dispersing and agitating systems
  • Heating and cooling technology
  • Environmentally friendly temperature control and vacuum systems, rotary evaporators
  • Cutting-edge weighing and dosing technology
  • Pipetting technology
  • Microplates and microplate accessories
  • 96-well microplates
  • Bioreactors of all types, incubators
  • Centrifuges
  • Quick tests
  • Chemicals and reagents, gases and helium alternatives
  • Laboratory and dosing pumps
  • Media supply and disposal
  • Recycling
  • Protective equipment
  • Workbenches
  • Cleaning and disinfection equipment
  • Cleanroom technologies
  • Explosion-proof laboratory equipment

Extensive supporting program at the analytica laboratory trade fair

On top of the actual trade fair, our extensive suppporting program offers unique insights into the latest theory and practice in laboratory technology. Interesting lectures and seminars provide exciting insights into everyday laboratory life. ln our exciting special shows and forums our experts will tell you everything about “occupational safety” and “digital transformation/laboratory 4.0“.

The Study Info Day will provide guidance on training opportunities and jobs in lab technology, and the Finance Day will share important information on the topic of start-ups in the laboratory industry and more.

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