Material analysis and materials processing—multifaceted and efficient

The international trade fair for analysis presents innovative techniques for researching and testing new substances and materials, because new types of materials are the key to a more sustainable future: Compared to conventional materials, for example, they are lighter, more environmentally compatible and longer lasting. Gather information about progress in material analysis—live at analytica in Munich!

Market leaders and innovative companies

Renowned exhibitors present the latest products and services of material analysis and materials processing.

You can find all the leading manufacturers and startups focusing on material analysis and materials processing which participate in analytica 2024 in our exibition directory.

Material analysis and materials processing at analytica

The application sectors and potential uses of modern substances and functional materials are practically unlimited. In everyday life, they are used in the food industry, in consumer goods, in the textile industry, in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, in high-tech industrial products in the electronics and automotive industries and in other branches of industry such as construction chemistry.

analytica presents the latest equipment configurations and coupling capabilities as well as future-oriented trends in material research and material analysis. Users find the right solution for every material and to every problem. The industry’s leading trade fair gives visitors a comprehensive overview of innovative techniques such as DSC, TGA, separation techniques using interaction chromatography, field-flow fractionation, spectrometry, microscopy and imaging techniques. Many methods can be put to use in routine laboratory applications and quality control quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Now bio-based materials and “classic” polymer research are creating important momentum. Nanotechnology is introducing new aspects to the material sciences and presenting the analysis sector with new challenges. International experts do an impressive job of presenting future-oriented system solutions to the professional community at analytica.

Latest developments and customized solutions on material analysis and processing

The international trade fair analytica takes the demanding profile of plastics analysis into account. It can give you valuable recommendations for routine laboratory tasks, from sample preparation to evaluation techniques.

Polymer, substance and material research • Polymer engineering • Instrumental analysis • Pharmaceutical chemistry • Established and innovative testing techniques • Coupling techniques • Calibration and certification • Surface technologies • Coating technology • Damage research and loss assessment • Product and environmental safety • Food analysis • Nanotechnologies

You can also gather information about the following solutions for your industry:

Sample preparation • Measuring and control technology • Element analysis • Chromatography • Spectroscopy • Coupling techniques • Microscopy • Imaging techniques • Automation • Data analysis • Data management • Inline, offline and online analysis • Environmental analysis • Consumer goods analysis • Trace analysis • Material analysis • Quality assurance • Nondestructive material testing • Health protection

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