Pharma—complex and innovative

Pharmaceutical research is not only extremely complex and cost-intensive, it is also subject to laws, standards, and regulations to an extent not experienced in most other industries. In the pharmaceutical industry, innovations are the most important requirements for progress, economic growth and improving the quality of life.

Market leaders and innovative companies

Renowned exhibitors from the pharma & diagnostics sector will be presenting the latest products and services.You can see which industry giants and which up-and-coming, young companies from the pharmaceutical sector will be at analytica 2024 in the list of exhibitors.

Get a complete market overview in pharma & diagnostics

The industry’s most renowned companies will be present at the analytica, for example:

Bring yourself up to date on the important analytical methods and detection options at analytica and find out about modern analytical and automation processes. You can also experience the role that digitization plays in the pharmaceutical laboratory: All industry-relevant topics related to data handling, data storage and Big Data can be seen in Munich.

The latest developments necessary for the safety of laboratory personnel when handling toxic and genetically relevant substances also play an important role at analytica. The big names in the industry will be presenting which laboratory equipment and extraction systems or dosing devices make it easier to handle such substances. It is important, on the one hand, that laboratory personnel are protected from cytostatics and other active substances and, on the other hand, that there is no product loss of the valuable, expensive active substances.

Particularly in pharmaceutical analysis and research, reliable analytical equipment and reliable analytical results are indispensable - both for the quality of the products and for purity and authenticity testing. In the industry, analytics is regarded as an important cross-sectional technology that guarantees product quality and economic success.

Experience pharma at analytica

analytica depicts the industry in its entirety—both in the exhibition and in the program of related events. Exhibitors present the latest equipment solutions and developments for the stringent demands of pharmaceutical research and demonstrate them being used in practical applications:

Pharmaceutical analytics - Sampling, Sample preparation and instrumental analysis - Authenticity - Active substance analysis - Molecular biological methods - Bioanalytics - Microbiological test methods - Metabolomics - Proteomics -Transcriptomics - High Throughput Screening-Non-target methods - Syntheses - Biosyntheses- Hygiene - Diagnostics - Drug analysis - Cytostatics - Chemotherapeutics - Workbenches - Product and personal protection - Clean room technology - Sterilization - Safety cabins and extraction systems - Blister packaging, Packaging and substance migration - Nutrition - Additives - Minerals and vitamins - Probiotics and dietary supplements - Cosmetics - Pharmaceutical chemistry - Consumer goods - Risk assessment - Quality assurance - FDA - GLP - GMP - Standards - Certification - Validation - Digitalization and laboratory 4. 0

Get to know the novelties of the innovation leaders

Important analytical technologies and methods such as electrophoresis, thin-layer, gas and liquid chromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) as well as the entire spectrum of spectroscopy and, in particular, the latest developments in mass spectrometry with a wide variety of coupling techniques are making a decisive contribution to the detection of relevant substances at ever lower detection limits.

At analytica, the industry's innovation leaders will be uniquely demonstrating to trade visitors how new separation methods are opening up new detection options for pharmaceutical analysts: This can definitely be described as new dimensions in research and development. Tailor-made, fast, reliable and highly automated analytical solutions are the key to success here. At analytica, you can see how industry-specific validation guidelines and common requirements such as GMP, GLP and REACH as well as FDA are complied with in the pharmaceutical laboratory and how the corresponding validation methods are applied.

Look forward to the most important trends for the intelligent laboratory of the future

New diagnostic procedures, modern analytics and automation concepts in smart mode are setting the trend. Highest flexibility and easiest handling with an effective reduction of work steps are the focus. In the intelligent laboratory of the future, analytical and measuring instruments, sensors, processes and data are networked with each other. Automation and laboratory information management systems regulate and control this network. What you can expect from current automation and demand-oriented networking solutions is made clear at analytica.

High throughput and screening methods have become indispensable today. In addition to pure active ingredient analysis, these technologies have become established above all in pharmaceutical research and quality control. The synthesis of new active ingredients and medicines or promising gene therapies in personalized medicine depend to a large extent on bioanalytical methods. In the field of biotesting, arrays for metabolomics, transcriptomics and proteomics contribute significantly to the development of substances.

Look into the future with us

At analytica 2024, you will be presented with the latest instrument configurations and coupling options that are important for the pharmaceutical sector, as well as forward-looking trends in analytics and laboratory technology. You will find the right solution for every problem in the pharmaceutical laboratory. The world's leading trade fair provides you with a comprehensive overview of innovative analytics and molecular and microbiological test methods. Many methods can be used cost-effectively, quickly and efficiently in daily laboratory routines and quality assurance. Of course, analytica also brings you up to date on high-end analytics. Get an idea of powerful methods and future trends in pharmaceutical analytics at the world's largest industry get-together.

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A highly comprehensive program in pharma

In addition to the fair, our extensive supporting program gives visitors unique insights into current theory and practice. In the following you can get an insight into our program of analytica 2018:

  • lecture: Proteogenomics: Redefining the Approach for Precision Cancer Medicine
  • lecture: 3D Printing of Sub-100 Micrometer Cross-section Microfluidic Devices for Preterm Birth Biomarker Analysis
  • lecture: Finding small molecules in big data
  • lecture: Challenges in the Characterization of Antibody-Drug Conjugates
  • lecture: Detection of proteins and biopharmaceuticals using aptamers
  • lecture: MAbs and ADCs: bioanalytical characterization for drug discovery