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analytica China 2020 ready for a season of success

July 3, 2020

  • Bigger and longer: analytica China 2020 offers a three-dimensional exhibition
  • 1200+ exhibitors continue the success story. Exhibition expanded to six halls
  • More innovative ideas point to future trends

As a heavyweight exhibition for the analysis, biochemistry, diagnostics and laboratory technology in Asia, analytica China 2020 and labtech China Congress 2020 will be held from November 16 to 18, 2020 at Halls E2-E7 of Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition will be expanded to six halls with a total exhibition area of more than 60,000 square meters, the first time in its history. It is expected to attract 1,200+ high-quality Chinese and overseas exhibitors and over 36,000 visitors from more than 30 countries and regions.

With the rapidly growing demand of laboratory instruments amid the Covid-19 pandemic, analytica China 2020 will extend the exhibition to five days and thus make an analytica China Week. To meet the increasing needs of exhibitors and visitors, and to improve the results and quality of the trade fair, on November 14-15, analytica China Conference Day will be held, and November 16-18 will be reserved for the offline exhibition. With such configurations, the exhibitors and partners will be able to make up for their missed exchanges owing to the pandemic during the conferences and events. The organizer will integrate online and offline platforms, carry out additional marketing and visitor recruitment programs to increase exposure and new user participation. analytica China 2020 provides about 200 low-cost or free meeting spaces with up to 30,000+ visitor capacity, high-quality on-site services and integrated marketing and promotional solutions. With the three-in-one exhibition venues – main exhibition halls, conferences venues and online cloud space – analytica China 2020 offers a three-dimensional exhibition that offers a week of high-quality experience for the industry and its users.

More leading exhibitors continue the success story

In addition to the familiar six pillar exhibition areas (Life Science, Diagnosis and Biotechnology; Analysis and Quality Control; General Laboratory Equipment; Laboratory Design, Construction and Safety; Food Safety Equipment and Technology; Environmental Protection Equipment and Technology) analytica China 2020 will for the first time include two new featured exhibition areas: Lab Automation and Informatics and Core Components for Laboratory Equipment. They are going to bring about innovative intelligent lab products and R&D solutions to meet the needs from relevant domains. By the end of March 2020, nearly 1,000 exhibitors, among whom 251 are first timers, have pre-registered for analytica China 2020, an increase of 17% from the previous year.

More innovative ideas point to future trends

analytica China 2020 will feature a host of high-quality conferences on analytical chemistry, food safety, environmental monitoring and testing, pharmaceuticals, clinical diagnosis, precision medicine, laboratory planning and management.

analytica China 2020 conferences*

  • The 10th Shanghai International Symposium on Analytical Chemistry
  • labtech China Congress 2020
  • 2020 International Symposium on Quality Analysis of Biotechnology Drugs (New)
  • 1st Annual Conference on Quality Manager of Sinopharm 2020 (New)
  • The 5th Conference on Biomarker Discovery and the Clinical Applications: Metagenome sequencing & single cell genomics (New)
  • 2020 LSAC Life Science & Biotech Forum: High-throughput sequencing
  • 2020 Shanghai Sino-EU International Forum on Food Safety
  • 2020 Forum on Food Safety Rapid Detection Technology and Innovation Development
  • 2020 Forum on Environmental Monitoring and Analysis Technology
  • Tutorial & Workshop
  • On-site Industry Forum (Lab, bio-technology, automation, analysis, lab design, etc.)

* Subject to changes based on actual conditions

Focus on scientific research and laboratory promote the development of lab construction and management

Developed by analytica China, labtech China Congress 2020 will continue to develop its concept of a future-oriented laboratory ecosystem and its full life cycle. Labtech China Congress is committed to the sustainable development of laboratory planning, construction and management in China. It advocates the trend towards IT-supported, intelligent and sustainable laboratories, and concerns the safety and health of laboratory staff. In 2020, the congress will feature discussion and expert talks on topics ranging from laboratory planning and construction, lab environment and safety, smart labs, lab efficiency and management and the harmonious development of people and labs. It will also organize a host of Live Labs and innovation areas to present advanced solutions for the entire laboratory ecosystem: from laboratory design, planning to construction, operation and management. Through live demonstrations and operations, visitors can experience personally the modern, intelligent and IT-based management designing concepts.

3D marketing of integrated online and offline spaces

analytica China offers a comprehensive three-dimensional marketing solution. New products and technologies are presented not only at the fairground, but also in online spaces such as online exhibition, official websites, WeChat, e-mail, SMS and live show platforms. Since March 2020, analytica China has launched a special online “Ana Cloud Live Show” of innovative products from exhibitors and their ideas about future market trends. The analytica China online exhibition hall is about to open. It will provide free service for all exhibitors and enable true online matching between the supply and demand.

Accelerated digitalization, VIP program with multiple benefits

analytica China has always put as its priority the matching service between the supply and demand. Against such background, the Prime Priority Program (referred to as “PP Program”) first launched in 2018 has attracted much attention. The PP Program is aimed at high-quality visitors and end users, and is an important part of the analytica China brand image and exhibition service upgrade. It builds bridges for visitors and exhibitors, and creates more business opportunities and values. In 2020, the PP Program will be further upgraded. PP users will enjoy multiple VIP benefits, including one-on-one supply and demand matching service, exclusive admission to high-end conferences, VIP lunches & tea breaks, special gifts, etc. In addition, the PP Card of analytica China 2020 will be digitalized. Included in the WeChat card package, users will be able to redeem all their benefits online. As long as you have a mobile phone in the hand, all benefits are with you.

For more information about analytica China 2020, please visit:, or follow our official WeChat account: analyticaChina.

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analytica China 2020 and labtech China Congress 2020 will be held from November 16 to 18, 2020 in Shanghai