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labtech China 2020 supports sustainable lab planning and construction in China

July 30, 2020

Being a lighthouse for the Asia-Pacific laboratory industry, the 10th analytica China will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 16th to 18th in 2020. Based on its rich experience and strong international network, analytica China 2020 focuses on innovative products, cutting-edge technologies and future trends in China and abroad, and promotes high-quality, sustainable development of the laboratory industry. Meanwhile, as an extension of analytica China in laboratory planning, construction and management, labtech China 2020 will be held along with analytica China, featuring labtech China Congress, Lab Design Gallery, Live Lab Show, and other high-quality conferences and forums that address issues like lab safety, smart, and sustainable development, concerning about the new trend of informatization and AI-supported technology, and the safety and health of lab professionals.

Opportunity in disguise: new challenges and chances for the lab industry against Covid-19

In order to implement the outline of the National Medium- and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020), the Chinese central government has set up Special Funds for National Key Laboratories, which offers support in the operation, self-selected research and instrument upgrade of laboratories. In 2018, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued "Several Opinions on Strengthening the Construction and Development of National Key Laboratories" that puts forward new requirements and goals for national laboratories in system development, innovation capacity, and creative management. Chinese laboratory construction and development is accelerating.

The Covid-19 epidemic in early 2020 made a serious challenge to the health protection system in China. The National Development and Reform Commission, the National Health Commission, and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly issued the “Public Health Capacity-Building Program for Epidemic Prevention and Control” in May, which required the modernization of the disease prevention and control system through medical facility upgrade. It demanded that in every province there should be at least one biosafety level 3 (P3) laboratory, and at least one biosafety level 2 (P2) laboratory in every prefecture-level city. They shall ensure the required capabilities in the monitoring and testing of infectious disease pathogens, health hazards, and national health standards. And at the third meeting of the 13th National People's Congress just concluded, Premier Li Keqiang also emphasized in his government work report that we shall give steady support to basic and applied research, and guide enterprises to increase R&D investment. We shall accelerate the construction of national laboratories, reorganize the national key laboratory system, and develop social R&D institutions. Under such background, labtech China 2020 will undoubtedly carry a new and more important mission required by the nation and the time.

New highlights at labtech China 2020

This year, labtech China Congress will continue to focus on the five major themes of laboratory planning and construction, laboratory environment and safety, smart laboratory, laboratory efficiency and management, and the harmonious development of people and laboratories, and feature in-depth discussion among scientists and researchers, laboratory users, lab planners and laboratory construction experts. To promote the construction of a new laboratory system for 2030, they are going to talk about the integration of laboratory design and art, the human-centered laboratory environment and safety, the optimization of management processes, experiment efficiency, and the development of a safer, smarter and greener way of laboratory development that further exemplify the harmonious development of human and laboratories. In addition, life sciences, diagnostics and clinical laboratories will be highlighted at labtech China 2020, covering important topics such as biosafety law, and the construction of high-level (P2, P3) biosafety laboratories, medical and health facilities, and national key laboratories.

Gathering of leading lab construction enterprises and innovative solutions

labtech China 2020 has received strong support and participation of high-quality exhibitors from all over the world. Over 200 leading lab construction enterprises are going to exhibit in Hall E2, including Waldner (Germany), UFU, Daxpro, Nori, Kebei, Hanguang, San Group, Schneider, Erlab (France), Trespa, asecos, Johnson Controls, Konvekta, BROEN-LAB, Justrite, Formica, Road, Mendinni, Longchuan Purification, Zephirus, VoLab, CWBR, Jiangsu Wuy, Keen, Gentec, Huchen, Naudan, Weizhen, and Vanboss. They are going to focus on laboratory planning and design, laboratory engineering and construction, laboratory furniture and materials, laboratory safety and protection, and laboratory management and certification, and provide laboratory planning and construction solutions for government departments, health care, biomedicine, education and research, food safety, environmental and chemical engineering, and third-party testing.

2,000-sqms Live Lab Show & Lab Design Gallery bring real experience

labtech China 2020 will use more than 2,000 square meters to construct Live Labs that reproduce real laboratory scenes in the exhibition hall, including Smart Lab, Life Science, Diagnostics and Clinical Lab, Pharm Lab, Food Lab, Environment Lab, and Safe Lab. Equipped with innovative instruments and equipment, they will present solutions for the entire laboratory ecosystem: laboratory planning, equipment, operations, technology, and management. They will enable personal experience and face-to-face interaction through scene-based presentation and a modular layout. The labs will feature automated and IT-supported applications, advanced instruments and equipment, method demonstration and live lectures. They create real scenes and a comfortable, experience-centered interactive environment to show products, applications, and laboratory construction solutions that users generally care about.

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labtech China 2020 will be held along with analytica China, featuring labtech China Congress, Lab Design Gallery, Live Lab Show.