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labtech China Congress 2019 Closes in Success

November 26, 2019

On November 7, the two-day labtech China Congress concluded successfully. labtech China Congress 2019 is hosted by Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd. and supported by Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA), Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS), and EGNATON e.V. and Shanghai Biotechnology Corporation.

“Safe, Smart, Sustainable”—a new future of Chinese labs 2030

labtech China Congress 2019 is created by analytica China, the leading laboratory industry event in Asia, and aims to improve China's laboratory planning, construction, management and services. It is the first time held independently from analytica China. It promotes the harmony between the staff and the laboratory, and focuses on safer, smarter and more sustainable laboratories. A total of 64 researchers, architects and laboratory industry experts from China and abroad gave wonderful speeches on five laboratory-related topics. Nearly 100 companies and brands displayed a myriad of innovative technologies and products in the exhibition area, attracting 1,936 professional visitors from the laboratory trade.

Stephen Lu, Chief Operating Officer (Greater China) of Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd. (China) mentioned, “This year, labtech China Congress is for the first time held independently from analytica China. It has been upgraded to a new level in both size and quality and is widely applauded by the industry. It is the hope of all the exhibitors and visitors that labtech China Congress will be held on a regular basis and continue to grow. They hope labtech China Congress will have its unique identity and history, and provide a comprehensive platform for the laboratory industry, where all the practitioners in the industry will be able to communicate and exchange. I hope that labtech China Congress 2020 will attract more laboratory professionals, e.g. planners, designers, engineers, users and managers. In joint hands, we can develop ideal solutions for our users, and provide models for future laboratory development.”

High-Quality Lab Forums on the New Future of Chinese Labs 2030

labtech China Congress 2019 focuses on laboratory planning and design, laboratory environment and safety, laboratory efficiency and management, smart laboratories, and the harmonious development of human and laboratory. Experts from a variety of sources analyzed the status quo of the laboratory industry and raised new ideas for future development. They are from Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd., China Academy of Building Science, HENN, HOK, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Siemens Building Technologies (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., WALDNER Laboratory Systems, China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, Zhejiang University Medical College, Dresden University of Technology and Shanghai Roche Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Chen Guoliang, the Chief Architect of the Institute of Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd. was positive about the role of labtech China Congress: “As China evolves from a manufacturing country into a strong power in smart technology, modern laboratories play a very important role. Thus labtech China Congress is not only valuable for the laboratory industry, but also essential for the faster and stronger development of China. I hope that I can share and discuss with more of our colleagues at labtech China Congress 2020, so we can work together and contribute to the development of China's modern laboratory industry.”

Support Forums and Events for Future Life Sciences, Drug Technology and Management Techniques

The Frontier Forum on Life Omics and Its Transformation—Molecular diagnostic techniques and new trends in its clinical applications focused on methylation detection, single-cell sequencing, liquid biopsy, and artificial intelligence and featured over 20 molecular diagnostics experts, professionals and industry representatives from Fudan University Zhongshan Hospital, the 9th Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Shanghai Zhangjiang Laboratory Institute of Brain and Intelligence, and Shanghai Biotechnology Corporation to discuss on the development, clinical applications and transformation of molecular diagnostics. The forum aims to promote the interaction between new molecular diagnostic technology and its clinical applications, as well as the development of life science and precision medicine.

The Future Development of Drug Discovery Technology—Selected Lectures from SLAS Live Labs Forum is headed by leading representatives from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Roche, Amgen R&D Center (Asia), Perkin Elmer, Berkeley Lights, Chinese National Human Genome Center at Shanghai, and Beckman Coulter. The lectures, while focusing on drug development and personalized drug and cell therapy, explored drug target biology. From target identification and selection to model validation, the lectures depicted the typical processes in small molecule treatment development from early screening, lead compound determination and development, to safety testing and final clinical trials. At the same time, the forum also addressed new developments in special cell therapies for specific patients and diseases, the development of antibodies and the technical considerations in these projects, all of which are incentives to the development of drug discovery technologies.

The research findings and technological innovations in drug development and life sciences are from different perspectives such as small molecules, natural products, and macromolecules. Technical experts gave talks on target confirmation, high-throughput screening, translational medicine, antibody, NGS, and single-cell genomics.

The Advanced Training Courses exclusive to laboratory management and technicians was offered by Shanghai Quality and Standardization Institute. Participants learned about the laboratory accreditation practices in China, the role of the management, and requirements concerning the management and application of instruments, equipment, reagents, and consumables.

Demonstration of Innovative Lab Technology and Product Reflects “Safe, Smart and Sustainable” Concepts

Safe, Smart and Sustainable were the three keywords of labtech China Congress 2019. They were also nicely reflected in the products and technologies presented at the exhibition held along with the conference. The “Live Labs + Innovative Exhibition” duo gathered the new products and technologies concerning lab instruments, equipment and consumables, lab furniture and lab construction. Through live demonstrations and real operations, and the exhibition of high-efficiency management model, modern lab design and smart IT-based management system, labtech China Congress 2019 aimed to promote the future development of Chinese labs. At the Live Labs—Life Science Live Lab, SLAS Live Lab, Smart Microbe Live Lab, Smart Live Lab, EHS Live Lab and Gene Sequencing Live Lab, industry leaders as Agilent, PerkinElmer, Eppendorf, Beckman Coulter, Mellie, Merck, Jena, TECAN, HAMILTON, Zeiss, TTPLABTECH, and PAA gave live demos and lectures on laboratory automation and drug screening, single cell suspension preparation, Smart Microorganisms, TECAN Automation Solutions in precision medicine, digital laboratories, and laboratory safety. They also exhibited their laboratory technology and automation related instrumentation, software, services, solution and laboratory construction programs.

Joery Hoffmann, CEO of WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen GmnH & Co. KG, spoke positively of labtech China Congress 2019: “We are very positively surprised about labtech China Congress 2019. The congress is a strong reflection of the market and attracts many big players and international guests. We are very satisfied with the attendance, the content, the quality of paper presented and the quality of people attending.” Ms. Wang Bing, General Manager of Shanghai Taixiong Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., commented, “I think labtech China Congress is a very good complement to analytica China. The congress addresses the needs of a specific group of users and establishes a platform for the laboratory industry's supporting manufacturers and security solution suppliers to showcase their latest technologies and products.”

Over 20 representatives from Perkins Will, Laboraplaner Tonelli, the 11th IT Electronics Design Institute, asecos, WALDNER, Erlab and Miele gave talks on the Safe Labs in the 21st Century, the Relocatable Lab Concept, the Design of a Safe and Healthy Lab, and Innovative Lab Sustainability. In the Multi-topic lab related workshop of Live Lab. Mr. Hou Haifeng, President of Shanghai Hanguang Industrial Co., Ltd., said, “The 5G technology is developing rapidly in China, especially in Shanghai, and labtech China Congress 2019 is held at the right time. The conference provides a great stage for laboratory constructors to present themselves and has a positive impact on the future development of the laboratory industry. Considering the rapid development and continual update of high technology, I think labtech China Congress will continue to grow better.”

New Lab Exhibition Model Serves the Entire Scientific Research Ecology and the Full Life Cycle of Labs

With 72 lectures, 11 Live Demos and over 10 supporting programs, labtech China Congress 2019 made a comprehensive display of the innovative lab technologies and development trends around the globe. It also addressed the new opportunities and challenges the Chinese lab will face by 2030. The 800 square meter lab exhibition area (Live Labs & Innovative Exhibition Area) combined cutting-edge reports and interesting product demonstrations, and provided opportunities for the exhibiting representatives and user companies to make effective communication. The innovative “Exhibition + Conference” model provided multi-dimensional, all-round services to the scientific research ecology and the full life cycle of labs, covering lab construction, furniture, insulation and ventilation, storage, instrument, safety and smart technologies. It also promoted the discovery of future trends in lab development.

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