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labtech China Congress 2021 timetable released officially

April 19, 2021

labtech China Congress 2021, a leading show for the laboratory industry organized by analytica China, will be held in Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai from Oct. 21-22, 2021. The congress continues to focus on the ecosystem of scientific research and the full life cycle of laboratories, and is committed to promoting the sustainable development of Chinese laboratory design and planning, construction and management. It sets off a new trend of informatization and intelligent technology in laboratories and values the safety and health of laboratory professionals.

Focus on global lab innovation system, and build lab ecosystem and full life cycle

In response to the national initiative of "carbon peak in 2030, and carbon neutral in 2060", and to open up a new path for sustainable development of laboratory design and planning, construction, equipment, management and services, labtech China Congress 2021 will continue to focus on five themes:

  • laboratory planning and construction,
  • laboratory environment and safety,
  • smart laboratory,
  • laboratory efficiency and management, and
  • harmonious development of people and laboratories.

The congress will represent the cutting-edge planning and design concepts and innovative technology developed by national-level laboratories, state key laboratories, national/provincial engineering technology research centers, advanced and foundational education laboratories, and laboratories of food, chemical, environmental, pharmaceutical, life sciences and other industries. Well-known experts and enterprise representatives from all over the world will have in-depth exchanges and discussions during the congress.

The new Smart Lab starts a new wave of digitalized lab

The world has become increasingly digitized, and demand from application industries is increasing. Against such background, traditional laboratories can no longer meet the needs for lab safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Intelligence is the key to future development. Smart Lab China (hereinafter referred to as Smart Lab) will center on "Laboratory Digitization, Informatization and Intelligent Transformation" and discuss how to create a flexible laboratory space, and how to improve laboratory automation, R&D innovation and laboratory intelligence through discussions on topics ranging from sample materials, product quality, rapid data availability to efficient and accurate data management. Smart Lab will also bring cuttingedge smart laboratory technologies such as intelligent laboratory buildings, digital management systems, automated instruments and equipment, and artificial intelligence technology that lead to a new wave of laboratory digitization in the future.

"Conference + Exhibition" ensures high-quality results

At the same time, labtech China Congress 2021 will continue the new model of "Conference + Exhibition", and create a multi-themed exhibition area (Live Labs & Innovation Technology Area). They convey the concept of "safe, smart, and sustainability" and presents innovative solutions for the entire industry ecosystem from laboratory design, planning, construction, operation, and management through live demonstrations and operations. Participants will be able to personally experience modern laboratory design and intelligent information management concepts.

In addition to the forums, Live Labs and Innovation Technology area, labtech China Congress 2021 will also stage numerous high-quality accompanying programs, including workshops, training courses, laboratory tours, and project matchmakings. Participants will have a multiple-dimensional experience in this annual feast of the laboratory industry that allows them to see the future smart laboratory in person!

For more information about "labtech China", please follow our official WeChat platform "labtechChina".

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