Biotechnology trade fair analytica 2024 - future industry trends and potential

At the world's leading trade fair analytica in Munich, Germany, from April 9-12, 2024, the specialist audience will get to exclusively discover the latest developments and news from the biotechnology and bioengineering industry.

Biotechnology - interdisciplinary science

As an interdisciplinary cross-sectional science, biotechnology uses proteins, enzymes, cells and microorganisms for technical applications with the aim of producing chemical compounds, beverages, foods, pharmaceutical agents and cell tissues as well as bio-based materials and fuels. Biotechnology makes use of various tools from the spheres of biochemistry and chemistry, biocatalysis, microbiology, molecular biology and genetic engineering, as well as bioinformatics and bioprocess engineering.

At the biotechnology trade fair in Munich, international biochemical and biotechnology companies from the life sciences await you with innovative system solutions and the latest product developments. Renowned experts will tell you about future-proof developments, current trends and the potential of the industry.

Biotech - the top topics at analytica

Learn about the issues of the future and innovative solutions in biotechnology at the world's leading trade fair analytica. Find the answers to your bioanalytical and biotechnological questions in Munich:

  • general laboratory equipment
  • highly specific molecular and microbiological methods
  • test kits
  • PCR and assay methods
  • Next Generation technologies
  • automation and evaluation possibilities
  • Bioinformatics
  • bioanalytical methods
  • cleanroom and protective equipment

Discover the diversity of biotechnology and learn first-hand about the direction in which biotechnology is headed.

Areas of application and use of biotechnology

Depending on the field of application, a distinction is made between red, green, blue, white, gray and brown biotechnology. While red biotechnology focuses on medical-pharmaceutical developments, green biotechnology targets new plant species and the agricultural industry. Blue biotechnology, in turn, uses aquatic systems, algae and marine species.

In contrast, white biotechnology is used in industrial manufacturing processes; the production of chemicals and drugs are two major examples. Gray biotechnology deals with waste management processes and brown biotechnology with environmental and soil protection technologies.

Importance of biotechnology

New discoveries in biotechnology and genetic engineering are driving research and development in the agricultural sciences as well as in the fields of diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and medicine.

With biotechnological production processes for raw materials, chemicals and fuels, modern biotechnology is also making a contribution to climate neutrality and resource conservation.

In vitro fish and in vitro meat could likewise contribute to more sustainable food production. At the world's leading trade fair analytica 2024, you can find out how this lab meat is produced and the conditions and equipment that are needed.

Prospects and potential of biotechnology

New methods in bioanalysis and biotechnology enable more precise detection methods and more efficient synthesis processes for active ingredients and preparations in drug manufacturing and in the life sciences. In vitro recombination of DNA and the synthesis of plasmid vectors contribute greatly to the achievements of biotechnology in medicine. Monoclonal antibodies open up new vistas in diagnostics. mRNA vaccines and siRNA technologies as well as personalized gene therapies in biomedicine are based on biotechnological innovations and promise undreamt-of potential.

Medical biotechnology is one of a number of burgeoning industries. The number of biopharmaceutical approvals is increasing, as is the number of clinical trials, due in particular to demand in personalized medicine for the treatment of rare diseases such as rare cancers, autoimmune diseases and metabolic diseases. High hopes are pinned on antibodies that intervene in the immune system in targeted ways, and in bespoke gene therapies for targeted tumor treatments.

Market leaders and innovative companies in biotechnology

At analytica international exhibitors will present the latest products and services from biotechnology and life sciences. Here, the best-known global players in the industry will be sharing the stage with young, emerging biotech start-ups.

At analytica 2024, for example, these are:

You can find all the leading manufacturers and startups focusing on biotechnology which participate in analytica in our exibition directory.

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Extensive program at the biotechtechnology expo

In addition to the trade show, our practice-oriented supporting program offers insights into current developments and trends. The focus is on knowledge transfer, best practice tips and direct communication. Finance Day is a particular highlight for everyone interested in biotech. Interesting presentations give visitors exclusive insights into the startup, growth and capital market financing of life science companies.