Finance Day

Capital for life sciences companies

Tips on corporate financing and going public

For 18 years now, Finance Day has been dedicated to start-up, growth and capital market financing in the life sciences industry. In panel discussions, company representatives report on the options they have used on their growth path. With their practical reports, they provide suggestions for growth financing in all phases of a company - from start-up to follow-up financing to exit.

At the Finance Day there is also the opportunity to meet investors or find out about government funding programs. Start-ups can introduce themselves in an elevator pitch and present themselves at an exhibition stand near the stage during the event.

Finance Days 2024—Preview

The biotech boom triggered by coronavirus in Germany has long since subsided. But Germany can still play a part in the international arena thanks to its innovations. While there are good funding programmes and financing options in the early stages, things remain difficult in the later phases. The number of German investors has decreased and international investors are playing an increasingly important role. But we are optimistic for 2024.

The current situation of growth financing will be discussed with investors, successful entrepreneurs and capital market experts on 11 April 2024. Framework conditions, location factors and the increasing importance of ESG criteria will be included in the discussion.

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