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analytica Market Report 2022

SHAPING THE LAB OF THE FUTURE – Market developments, trends, and challenges for laboratory technology, analysis, and biotechnology

Market data and insights on industry trends provide clarity in a world full of complexity and continuous change. analytica’s new market report on the laboratory technology, analysis, and biotechnology market provides a comprehensive overview on market developments as well as regional and product category details. Moreover, it points out and discusses the perception of users and manufacturers of instrumental analysis as well as other market participants based on a survey with 490 respondents from about 60 countries. Among other sectors, respondents work in the biotechnology, chemical, as well as pharmaceutical sector.

An industry’s way through transformation and change

Living in times of transformation and change, humanity faces intensifying economic, environmental, and social challenges. Transformation and change, however, also provide opportunities for risk- and solution-oriented approaches that tackle global emergencies. The laboratory technology, analysis, and biotechnology industry contributes to these approaches with innovative product and system solutions for laboratories in the industrial, research and science sector.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented burden on healthcare systems all over the world made up one of these challenges. An urgent need for testing infrastructures and effective vaccines suddenly attracted media, public, and political interest for life science and biotech – and a large number of companies dedicated know-how, time, and resources to combat the pandemic. For them, this massive challenge turned into meaningful opportunities. New products and production capacity expansions were needed to meet the demand for laboratory equipment and commodities. Significant increases in market potential and investments followed.

The report analyses the global market for laboratory technology, analysis, and biotechnology asking inter alia: What are the major impacts of the pandemic? Which key developments have emerged in recent years? And, perhaps most importantly, what expectations stem from global macro and micro trends for the future? The profile pages provide quick access to information on the country level and present three of Germany’s most promising start-ups. Based on an online survey conducted by Messe München and Statista, the report finally identifies the most significant industry trends, together with contributing factors as well as resulting opportunities and associated challenges to complete the market overview.

The international trade fair analytica is the live representation of this market. As the world's leading marketplace for products and services along the entire value chain, analytica is the place where the industry's key players, decision-makers and renowned experts meet – the place that mirrors the facts and figures reported.


  1. Market Analysis
  2. Deep Dive: Life Science
  3. Country & Company Profiles
  4. Trends & Challenges
  5. Appendix with Results in Detail

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Price: 2,950 Euro
Number of Pages: 60
Historical and Forecast Data: 2017-2026
Format: Electronic (PDF)
Language: English
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