Finance Day

Capital opportunities for life sciences companies

Tips on financing and going public

For 16 years now, Finance Day has been dedicated to start-up, growth and capital market financing in the life sciences industry. In panel discussions, company representatives report on the options they have used on their growth path. With their practical reports, they provide suggestions for going public or for their own corporate financing in in the global business.

At the Finance Day there is also the opportunity to meet investors or find out about government funding programs. Start-ups can introduce themselves in an Elevator Pitch and present themselves in the Start-up Area.

Finance Days 2022—Review

German companies have left a clear footprint on the international stock market and in the fight against the Corona epidemic. Germany has put itself in the global spotlight. Was Corona a booster for the life science sector?

Currently, there seems to be more money in the market than ever before. Higher and higher sums are being called up in deals. Does this development give hope for more start-ups and a more dynamic development of the entire industry? Is this possible under the given framework conditions in Germany as a business location? What financing opportunities are available to life sciences companies?

These and other questions were addressed by the experts at Finance Day, during analytica 2022.

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