Finance Days: Focus day Personalized medicine

Personalized Medicine—Molecular diagnostics is a driving force behind growth. analytica will show how diagnostics SMEs can participate in this trend.

Trend topic: Personalized medicine

Everyone has been talking about personalized medicine for years. Where does the wave of digitization and the associated collection and analysis of data have the greatest benefit for patients? What are the best practice examples in P4 medicine (preventive, personalized, precise and participative) and in D4 medicine (drugs, diagnostics, devices and data)? And which companies have a chance to survive in the market with their ideas, because they have already found the right investors for their innovation and/or their offer is honored/reimbursed?

Focus day: Personalized medicine

The latest developments in this field will be examined from various perspectives at the personalized medicine theme day. Experts from biotech, pharmaceutical, IT, digital health and diagnostics companies, associations and clusters will discuss the current status and future direction of Personalized Medicine.