Finance Days: Smart Medicine / Bioeconomy focus day

As part of the Smart Medicine / Bioeconomy theme day, the current status and the latest developments in these areas will be examined from different perspectives.

Trend topic smart medicine

Smart medicine - data is the big topic of our time. analytica shows how data analysis enables incredible leaps in development.

The toolbox for innovation is well filled with today's possibilities for data analysis and many of the former dreams seem to be becoming reality; examples of this are CRISPR, mRNA, the use of artificial intelligence, personalized medicine or PanOmics. But which companies have a chance of surviving in the market with their ideas because they have already found the right investors for their innovation and/or their offer is being honored/reimbursed?

Theme day Smart Medicine
(10.4.2024; mornings; Forum Hall A3)

The theme day will examine different approaches in data and AI-driven medicine, opportunities for data use and the framework conditions, including the impact of the European Health Data Space (EHDS) on the German healthcare system, business models and economy. Experts from biotech, pharmaceutical, IT, digital health and diagnostics companies, associations and clusters as well as investors will discuss the current status and the prospects and opportunities that greater access to data can bring.

Trend topic bioeconomy

Circular bioeconomy - your innovations can solve ecological problems and make the economy more sustainable. But their development is stagnating. analytica shows how it can pick up speed again.

The speed of translation has decreased, start-ups are experiencing financing difficulties, technological scaling remains a challenge, there is a lack of qualified workers and the willingness to invest is limited. This makes it difficult to bring about the urgently needed change in entire industries. How can these challenges be solved?

Theme day Bioeconomy
(10.4.2024; in the afternoon; Forum Hall A3)

Various approaches to revitalizing the bioeconomy will be discussed during the theme day. Experts from the fields of start-up creation, venture capital financing, industry transformation (primarily in the "alternative food" sector) and representatives of associations and clusters will shed light on their current status and future direction, particularly with regard to their financing.

Review of the Personalized Medicine 2022 theme day