BMWK joint stands at analytica 2024 in Munich

Once again this year, numerous young and innovative companies will be represented at our joint stands Young innovators—Innovation made in Germany in Halls A3 and B2—here you will find an overview of what you can expect there.

Avenir Photonics – A3.502-2

Avenir Photonics creates a new generation of compact spectrometers for portable and industrial applications, bridging the gap between laboratory and field spectroscopy. With over 10 years of experience in integrated photonics, we design spectrometers that provide a unique combination of technical performance, sophisticated software, flexibility and small size at a very competitive price. We also offer customized photonic engines that include light sources, optics and embedded evaluation software.

BETTER BASICS Laborbedarf – B2.128-8

Better Basics Laborbedarf helps you achieve your research, analysis and laboratory work goals with SmartRack®, the only modular organisation system for laboratory workstations. It offers flexible, adaptable and expandable solutions for organisation, space saving, safety and efficiency. It is ideal for chemistry, biology, biochemistry, food chemistry, pharmacy and medicine.

CAMSENS – A3.324-5

CAMSENS revolutionizes manual microscopy by offering AI-powered automated measurement systems for rapid microorganism and particle recognition at high sample throughput. The one-scanner solution is ideal for analyzing McMaster, microscopic slides, Petri dishes, and more, allowing collaboration in many areas. In particular, CAMSENS helps laboratories, veterinarians, the food and pharma industries, among others, accurately detect parasites, mold spores, and contaminants in liquid and air samples.

DaXem GmbH - B2.128-13

In laboratory settings, maintaining sterility of various surfaces can be challenging. DaXem’s VireXbuster® offers a practical solution: by applying this advanced antivirus and antibacterial coating to high-touch areas like door handles, chairs, instruments interfaces, and other surfaces, VireXbuster® creates a protective shield that actively eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, deactivates virus and fungi. Furthermore, this protective shield remains effective for up to 12 months, ensuring a hygienic environment even in hard-to-reach places.

Enorm Smart Technik A3.324-1

Dr. Purus offers innovative disinfection solutions to address challenges in laboratories, hospitals, ….Our state of the art devices are user friendly, efficient, and effective. We develop tailored solutions to automate and optimize disinfection processes. The SP1 spray gun is an innovative product that can automatically spray on any surface to be disinfected, significantly reducing operator burden. It revolutionizes surface disinfection, reducing labor by 80% and disinfection time by 60%.

FAccTs – A3.324-6

FACCTs offers various software solutions to enable quantum chemical structure elucidation. spectroscopy, spectrometry, and reaction optimization workflows. The key products of FACCTs are ORCA as one of the leading quantum chemistry program packages and our smart workflow driver WEASEL. We utilize our software to make accurate quantum chemical simulations accessible to anyone, be it computational chemistry expert, data scientist, or experimentalist alike.

Geniu – B2.128-7

Geniu  - from “the genius in you” – empowers laboratory managers and employees to achieve significant and sustainable improvements in their laboratory. An innovative approach of lab consulting and (online) training which has been awarded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics. Topics cover Lean Lab, Green Lab, Smart Lab and Lab Layout. For example Lean in the laboratory (Lean Lab), laboratory planning for laboratory layouts of new buildings and refurbishments (“Lean Lab Design”), feasibility studies for automation and digitalization.

Glassomer – B2.128-6

Glassomer produces technical and optical components made of transparent fused silica glass. The products include, for example, lenses, nozzles, microfluidic chips and technical components from the laboratory sector. With our unique injection molding process we fabricate common technical glass components such as nozzles, but also new, more efficient glass designs. Glassomer offers prototypes, small series and high-throughput production for the laboratory market and microfluidics.

goodbot – B2.128-2

goodBot is an innovative pipetting robot, tailor-made for research laboratories. It automates liquid handling, enhances precision and reproducibility, thereby solving the issues of manual pipetting. Thanks to its user-friendly, space-saving design, and an attractive price point, it offers labs with limited budgets an excellent entry into automation. With its mobility and adaptability, goodBot stands out in the segment of flexible pipetting robots.

Green Elephant – A3.502-6

Green Elephant Biotech manufactures innovative and sustainable products that empower research and industry to lower their carbon impact and increase efficiency. The space-efficient technology of the CellScrew® cell culture system enables sustainable and efficient production of adherent cells. Launched this year, the Green Elephant 96-well plate is the world's first standard consumable made from plant-based polylactic acid (PLA) and has a 50% lower carbon footprint than conventional plates.

LABOTIQ – B2.128-1

Discover the future of laboratory automation with our innovative solutions for automatic processing of tubes and vials! Introducing our LAB-BOT-ONE! Enhance efficiency, precision, and reliability in your lab routine by effortlessly reproducing and documenting the labeling, filling, and/or weighing of hundreds of samples. Free your staff from monotonous tasks and revolutionize your laboratory workflow.

M2-Instruments – A3.502-4

Microdispensing for your benchtop

High-precision, contactless picoliter and nanoliter dispensing has never been easier than with the iFOUR from M2-Instruments. The microdispensing robot for diagnostic and pharmaceutical research dispenses small volumes on a freely configurable workspace. A world first is the integrated "Puls Shaper" module, which quadruples the single-drop volume range without affecting the frequency. This allows the iFOUR to dispense a wider range of liquid viscosities.

MagBio Genomics Europe – A3.324-4

MagBio Genomics offers CE-IVDR certified kits for DNA/RNA purification and CE-certified sequencing reagents for NGS & Sanger, for research & molecular diagnostics. Our DNA/RNA stabilization tubes enable ambient transport, free from hazardous chemicals.
Premium highQu reagents for PCR, reverse transcription, real-time qPCR, RT-PCR, RT-qPCR also available as lyo-ready versions; plus reagents for DNA- & protein-electrophoresis, isothermal amplification, High Fidelity polymerases, dNTPs, direct PCR.

Medizintechnik Stromberger – B2.128-11

Medizintechnik Stromberger is an accredited calibration laboratory for liquid volume and temperature measurements. We specialise in customised calibration services for pipettes, diluters, dispensers and temperature devices, guaranteeing the highest precision and meeting regulatory requirements. Our technologies and commitment to quality ensure optimal functionality of your instruments.

Opto Biolabs - B2.128-9

Opto Biolabs is at the forefront of optogenetic innovation, offering state-of-the-art LED illumination devices designed for the precise control of light-sensitive proteins in living cells. Their cutting-edge products revolutionize how researchers manipulate cellular functions with light. Tailored for the life sciences, Opto Biolabs' solutions empower scientists to explore cellular mechanisms with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. Visit for pioneering optogenetic tools.

PHIO scientific – A3.502-1

PHIO is the partner of choice for cutting-edge, automatic cell monitoring solutions for research and industry applications.

Use our fully automatic, super compact microscopes and cutting-edge AI analysis platform. Benefit from continuous imaging inside the incubator and track cell growth, viability, motility and phenotype - on the fly. Monitor your data from anywhere over your data dashboard. The Cellwatcher, our all-in-one solution, will save time and space and boost your cell research.

pluriSelect Life Science – A3.502-3

pluriSelect Life Science is a German biotech company that develops products for global scientific R&D projects. We are currently in the final "Go Live Phase" of converting our petroleum-based plastics to pure bioplastics.

Previously: Bottle Top Filter 0.22µm to 0.45µm, NEW: "pluriStrainer maxi" 13 sieve sizes from 5µm to 2000µm colour coded. pluriSelect Life Science is the first company worldwide to offer these sieve sizes as bottle top filters.

SAFIA Technologies – A3.502-5

SAFIA, the cutting-edge rapid test system designed for every laboratory, is transforming the detection of regulated mycotoxins in food. Offering a swift, straightforward, and economical approach, SAFIA enables the simultaneous analysis of multiple contaminants in one sample and thereby significantly enhancing food safety. Elevate your analysis processes with SAFIA's groundbreaking solution, which prioritizes safety and quality above all.

Teclen – B2.128-3

Lyoprotect® – contamination-free lyophilization: Teclen offers containers for the safe lyophilization of active pharmaceutical ingredients and potentially toxic substances. A key element in our products is the permeable membrane. It allows smooth sublimation while serving as a reliable barrier to particles and germs.

Lyoprotect® containers are available in various sizes and can be adapted to individual processes. Starting with a small threaded cup for R&D, up to bags for the production of API in accordance with GMP Annex 1.

UniPix – B2.128-5

The Revolution for Pipette Testing

Are you still testing the accuracy of your pipettes with gravimetry measurements? Are you sick of this time consuming and error-prone procedure?

Then ATMOS is THE solution for you. ATMOS is a high accuracy pipette testing device, that works exclusively with air and displays the measured volume of your pipette within less than 30 seconds. The stand-alone device is available for single channel and 8-channel pipettes and also provides leak measurement.