We show you the way: Guided Tours at analytica

You only stay one day at the analytica in Munich and want to learn more about innovations in liquid handling, Chromatography/HPLC or sample preparation techniques? Then register for our Guided Tours. We take you to the most exciting venues.


More than 850 exhibitors in five exhibition halls – and almost every one of them will present one or more innovations. This requires proper planning for visitors: Where do you find the most exciting new products and services? To support interested visitors with their planning, the LP team has selected five companies each on the topics of Chromatography/HPLC, liquid handling and sample preparation, which will be visited during a 60-minute tour. The starting point for each tour is the LP stand in hall A2 (stand 107A). The groups will set off from there with their LP guide to visit the selected companies.

The tours in detail

Please note: The tours are guided only in German.

Tour: Liquid Handling

Liquids are omnipresent in the laboratory, whether as solvents, in form of liquid samples or just for cleaning. Therefore the topic of proper liquid handling is an evergreen and will be presented at many stands at analytica. As part of our Guided Tour “Liquid Handling”, manufacturers will show the latest developments in the segment of pipettes, where ergonomics in particular become increasingly important. The companies will also present partially and fully automated solutions designed to improve the handling of liquids in the laboratory.

Tour: Chromatographie/HPLC

The most widely used separation technologies in the laboratory is still high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC). Therefore the number of exhibitors in this segment is relatively high. The companies we chose for the Guided Tours not only show whole HPLC or GC systems, but also column packing materials or more specialized variations of liquid chromatography such as gel permeation chromatography, which is superior especially in the analysis of biomolecules.

Tour: Sample Preparation

Sample preparation still takes up a large part of the total time in many analyses. In addition, many of the techniques consist of numerous, manual steps and are correspondingly error-prone. For these reasons, there is potential for optimization in many areas of sample preparation, whether via automated processes or newly designed equipment. Learn on the Guided Tour Sample Preparation how, for example, such automation techniques can run.