Trends, new biotechnology and potentials at the biotech trade show analytica

At the biotechnology expo numerous life sciences, biochemistry and biotechnology companies will present innovative solutions and new products to you. The experts will inform you on the latest developments, new biotechnology, trends and potentials in the industry as well as the pertinent devices and system solutions.

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Focuses of the biotech trade show
Market leaders and innovative companies
Highly comprehensive supporting program
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Focuses of the biotech trade show

Expand your knowledge in the following fields at the biotech trade show in Munich:

  • general laboratory equipment
  • highly specific molecular biology and microbiological methods
  • test kits
  • PCR and assay methods
  • next-generation technologies
  • automation & evaluation possibilities
  • bioanalysis methods
  • clean room and protective equipment

These are just some of the topics of biotechnology and bioinformatics to be presented comprehensively by international experts along with the latest developments in the industry. Learn more about biotechnological and bioanalytical methods, stem cell research and drug discovery , screening and evaluation methods, reference standards, bioprocess technology and validation procedures.


Applications of biotechnology

The foundations of biotechnology are not just the basis for modern synthetic biology today, but also for the food industry, agriculture (green biotechnology), for biobased materials, for pharmaceutical research, personalized and regenerative medicine.

Innovative biotechnology solutions at analytica

At analytica you will find the latest trends of the biotechnology sector.

Tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting open up undreamt-of potentials for tissue and organ research. After lab-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip has become a reality. Functional organ structures allow novel in-vivo therapies. Microfluidics renders the functionality of physiologically active cells on a chip possible. Bone marrow chips, bone chips or gut chips have long been discussed.

Discover the diversity of biotechnology and learn first-hand about the direction in which biotechnology will develop in the future.

Market leaders and innovative companies in biotechnology

At analytica 170 international exhibitors will present the latest products and services from biotechnology and life sciences. You will not only find the best known companies of the industry, but also young and ambitious biotechnology companies.

Get a complete market overview in biotech & life science

The industry’s most renowned companies will be present at the analytica, for example:

You can find all the leading manufacturers and startups focusing on biotechnology which participate in analytica 2022 in our exibition directory .

Extensive program at the biotechtechnology expo

In addition to the trade show, our practice-oriented supporting program offers insights into current developments and trends. The focus is on knowledge transfer, best practice tips and direct communication. Finance Day is a particular highlight for everyone interested in biotech. Interesting presentations give visitors exclusive insights into the startup, growth and capital market financing of life science companies.

Good reasons to attend

analytica is World's Leading Trade Fair. It is the only exhibition that gives you a comprehensive market overview with unique breadth and depth.

Good reasons to attend
Supporting program
The analytica supporting program

Get unique insights into current research and actual practice—diverse and application oriented.

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