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Against the backdrop of increasing digitization, various processes and structures have to be reconsidered in the laboratory of the future. Network-capable laboratory devices with intelligent and smart functions, complex holistic automation concepts and efficient interface solutions are indispensable for the start of the new era. The continuous availability of gigantic data volumes places new demands on data handling and secure data storage.

Special show Digital Transformation

Discover the future of digitalization at the lab


The premiere of the Digital Transformation Forum at analytica 2018 established a new crowd puller for both visitors and exhibitors alike. In 2020, eight practical workflows will be added to the forum to implement the completely new concept of the special show “Digital Transformation” in cooperation with TU Dresden and GWT-TUD GmbH.

More than 20 companies and start-ups, such as Olympus, LAUDA and Merck, demonstrate together and across individual vendors typical analysis processes in the laboratory with the help of innovative products and software..

The laboratory workflows of the special show Digital Transformation

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One infrastructure—two workflows. The flexible Collaborate2Lab laboratory island connects chemical and biological laboratories.

Find all details and participating companies here.

Temperature control 4.0

IoT-enabled LAUDA-tempering devices allow parameterizing and control of biological processes through mobile terminals and PCs as well as remote maintenance and function addition through digital services.

Find all details and participating companies here.

Optical analysis

Processing and visualization of imaging- and analytical data for optimized result evaluation in high-content-cell-analysis with deep-learning. Clever measuring tech-nique- and vendor-independent data handling.

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Automatic process control for dosing and mixing of samples, automatically monitored by sensors, OPC UA networked devices.

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Photometric identity analysis of an API with assisted weighing and measurement—including smart solvent management and inventory control.

Find all details and participating companies here.


Pipetting 96 well plates can be easy—using INTEGRA electronic pipettes, Labopera-tor workflows, FLUICS CONNECT sustainable sample labeling and BETTER BA-SICS SmartRacks!

Find all details and participating companies here.


Presentation of a chemical-analytical procedure using a laboratory information & management system for intelligent process automation.

Find all details and participating companies here.


To know at any time which results are available, which devices are occupied or have to be maintained—made easy with LabSupervision and mixed reality.

Find all details and participating companies here.

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Accesa IT Group GmbH
Founded in 2004, Accesa is an IT Provider supporting the digitization of Scientific & Measuring Instruments Manufacturers with software modernization including architecture renewal, replace of outdated technologies & platforms, UI/UX design & delivery.