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As a visitor, you benefit in the forums from interesting best-practice presentations, discussion rounds and roundtables. Learn new things and get valuable tips for your daily laboratory work.





Forum Digital Transformation

Current solutions for the world of tomorrow

The Digital Transformation Forum provides a comprehensive overview of the current status and potential of laboratory digitalization. The focus will also be on technologies that have hardly found their way into the laboratory world to date, such as voice control of devices and virtual or augmented reality instruments.

Keynote speeches and discussion panels will address topics including:

  • What will the laboratory of the future be like?
  • New developments from the fields of automation and robotics
  • Benefits of digital networking (interfaces/LIMS). What does this mean for manufacturers and users?
  • How can I make my laboratory even more effective? How can workflows be automated and thus optimized?
  • How can I manage data diversity and notably data security?
  • How can regulations and standards be implemented ideally?

Also discover the special show Digital Transformation and thus the future in the lab.

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Forum Digital Transformation 2024

Forum Biotech

First-hand knowledge for the bio lab

The Biotech Forum is dedicated entirely to the fields of life science and biotechnology. Here, experts present solutions for the modern challenges of the life sciences - combined with innovative products.

The lectures and presentations will cover topics such as:

  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • State-of-the-art tips on best practice in instrumental analysis
  • Food and drinking water analysis

The lecture program is rounded out by the Finance Days, which deal with the latest financing models for the biotechnology industry, and the topics of Smart Medicine and Bioeconomy.

Highlight: LSR Spothlight Forum
Learn the latest about cell and gene therapies

At a forum at the analytica trade fair, people sit on a stage with microphones in their hands and discuss in front of an audience. Forum Biotech
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Forum Biotech 2024

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Forum Laboratory & Analysis

Tips for everyday laboratory work

The Forum Laboratory & Analysis shows current applications and processes from laboratory analytics and provides helpful tips for daily laboratory work. Users will learn, for example, how they can optimize laboratory workflows and thus make them even more efficient.

Find out about exciting topics such as:

  • Instrumental analysis
  • Laboratory 4.0
  • Pump technology
  • KF titration
  • Food and drinking water analysis
  • Software and data management
  • Services in the laboratory
  • Sample preparation
  • Next Sequencing

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Forum Laboratory & Analysis 2024

Forum Occupational Safety and Health in the Workplace

Effective prevention and useful measures

Knowing protective measures is essential for the daily work in the laboratory. Almost all accidents are due to ignorance of potential hazards or disregard for the safety concept. To avoid accidents, it is therefore necessary to handle hazardous substances safely and to be familiar with the rules for occupational safety in the laboratory.

The forum on occupational safety and health in the workplace will guide you on the subject of laboratory safety. You can also find out how a laboratory is optimally organised when it comes to personal protective equipment. Occupational safety experts will clearly explain the correct handling of chemicals in the laboratory.

Visit our forum and experience explosive demonstrations and get valuable tips from safety professionals.

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Forum Occupational Safety & Health 2024

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