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Quality testing of a chemical by means of software-supported user guidance with comprehensive instrument control incl. solvent management and warehouse management.

"Click to connect" guides the laboratory technician through the process of quality testing and analysis of a solvent with software support. The workflow is designed in such a way that, thanks to detailed instructions, the test is carried out in a maximally comparable manner, even with changing personnel.

In the first step, the test substance is taken from the smart Düperthal hazardous substance cabinet. Automatically, the warehouse management software "myDüperthal" synchronizes the location and also the consumption of the chemicals in order to trigger an automatic reordering when a minimum quantity is reached or not reached. At the same time, hazards such as insufficient ventilation of the hazardous materials cabinet are indicated to the user.

After removing the chemical container, the lab technician is guided through the steps:

  1. Weighing in and backweighing the chemical on the Mettler Toledo Analytical balance XPR225, which transfers its data directly to the inventory management system
  2. Sample preparation for analysis in the Mettler Toledo UV7 spectrophotometer
  3. The result of the measurement is transferred to the lab management system. A tamper-proof label for the analyzed chemical is automatically generated on the FLUICS printer to identify the chemical.

Click to connect minimizes the effort of chemical testing for the laboratory technician and supports the quality and comparability of the analyses through an intuitive software solution.

With the browser-based app MyDÜPERTHAL, information on hazardous substances can be documented digitally and transparently. Non-value-adding activities can be minimised and new freedom created for employees.

MyDÜPERTHAL provides:

  • Locations, quantities, documents of hazardous substances and consumables
  • Labelling according to GHS and mandatory signs
  • Reminder functions, e.g. maintenance

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The sample and inventory tracking solution FLUICS CONNECT is flexible and simple to maintain. With the shared database, QR coded labels and a mobile scanning app research labs get an overview of what is stored in freezers, nitrogen tanks, safety cabinets, etc. The Internet connected FLUICS PRINT label printers can also be easily integrated in other software tools such as LIMS and ELN.

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The functions integrated in the balance ensure that all important conditions for a correct weighing process are met. Electrostatic charges on samples / containers are detected automatically. Data integrity is ensured in conjunction with the LabX software. The optical measurement performance of the UV7 meets pharmacopoeia requirements. A full spectrum scan is performed in just one second.

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