The workflow guides the user through an ELISA assay. In addition to protocol management, Labforward's lab operator controls the process-relevant devices, calculates consumables and stores the measurement data for automated documentation.


The "ELISA connect" guides the user in performing the antibody test for Sars-Cov-2

First, a robotic arm autonomously sorts the unordered sample input according to analyses to be performed; samples that need to be centrifuged in the first step are placed directly by the cobot into the centrifuge and this is started via the Laboperator software; other samples are arranged in a rack for the upcoming analysis.

In parallel, the lab operator prepares the experiments: The ELISA kit is checked in, the number of samples is set. The required chemical volumes and their availability are checked independently by the system.

In the guided process instructions, a dilution series of the samples in microtiter plates is created. Here, too, the software automatically sets the required volumes on the automatic pipettes from INTEGRA Biosciences. Pipetting is made particularly time-efficient by the multi-dispenser function of the pipettes. After a series of working and washing steps, the assay is examined in a photometer. The measurement results are recorded in the software and a copy of the performed assay is stored in the system as a digital twin.

2mag – Magnetic Stirrer MIXdrive 15 with Control Unit MIXcontrol 20 LADS

100% maintenance- and wear-free inductive drive with 15 stirring positions, robust, reliable stainless-steel housing, easy to care, protection class IP68 (water-, dust- and germ-proof) with external control unit, compatible in the future due to the emerging new interface technology in laboratory technology = LADS (Laboratory and Analytical Device Standard), sustainability “Made in Germany”.

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Labforward—Laboperator, Labfolder & Labregister

Labfolder is an intuitive and powerful electronic lab notebook (ELN) that can streamline life in the lab by simplifying data documentation.

Labregister is an effective and comprehensive laboratory inventory management system (LIMS) that facilitates oversight of a lab’s entire inventory.

Laboperator is a smart and agile lab execution system (LES) that connects laboratory equipment to a central platform, enabling teams to automate and monitor existing laboratory devices.

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INTEGRA—VOYAGER: Electronic multichannel pipettes with adjustable tip spacing

The distance between the tips of the VOYAGER pipettes can be changed electronically at the touch of a button, allowing access to a wide variety of laboratory vessels during pipetting: e.g. from 96 to 384 well plates or sample transfers from tubes directly into microplates. VOYAGER pipettes use the GripTip tip system to ensure tips are perfectly attached all the time and never leak.

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