FlowLab - with LADS to the plug-and-play capable laboratory of the future

FlowLab enables the automated and quality-assured consolidation of all data from the devices and sensors required for the process in the LIMS - from sample receipt to the finished invoice. In addition, the user is guided through the process fully automatically. This reduces time and costs as well as possible operating errors such as non-compliance with defined times or process sequences.

In routine laboratories, the recording and process monitoring of a wide variety of parameters is essential. The consolidation and evaluation of the data is usually time-consuming and largely manual. FlowLab simplifies this process by automated and quality-assured information harmonization using the new OPC UA-based laboratory interface LADS (Laboratory and Analytical Device Standard) directly into the iLIMS from INTEGRIS.

Even before the sample arrives at the laboratory, the temperature is continuously monitored during transport with essentim Spot sensors. The recorded data is read out at the sample entrance of the laboratory with the LADS interface and merged with all other data centrally in the iLIMS. During the further processing of the sample, the environmental parameters in the laboratory such as temperature and humidity are continuously recorded by the essentim Sphere and wirelessly transferred to the LIMS.

Cherry-pit sized, wireless sensor spheres, the Sens-o-Spheres developed at the TU Dresden, are used as an innovative solution for online temperature measurement in liquids during sample processing for data acquisition. The data of the Sens-o-Spheres, which weigh only 0.5 g, are also stored directly in the iLIMS based on LADS. The integrated actuators, such as the wear-free 2mag magnetic stirrer MIXdrive 15 with the control unit MIXcontrol 20, are also controlled process-oriented via LADS and return their current status to the LIMS.

After the experiment has been carried out, the results and monitoring data are stored in the log and an invoice is generated automatically.

100% maintenance- and wear-free inductive drive with 15 stirring positions, robust, reliable stainless-steel housing, easy to care, protection class IP68 (water-, dust- and germ-proof) with external control unit, compatible in the future due to the emerging new interface technology in laboratory technology = LADS (Laboratory and Analytical Device Standard), sustainability “Made in Germany”.

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essentim offers a wireless sensor system to monitor biological processes directly at the culture vessel without affecting the usual workflows. This enables seamless recording of relevant climatic parameters in real time in order to detect errors immediately. In addition, work processes can be detected and automatically documented with the sample-related measurement data.

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The iLIMS laboratory software combines, monitors, and controls all laboratory processes from sample receipt and measurement value acquisition to evaluation and reporting. Extensive configuration options, a graphical workflow engine and an integrated device server enable adaptation to individual laboratory processes and ensure connection to laboratory devices. With its own ERP and quality management, iLIMS keeps you in control.

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