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Pipetting 96 well microplates can be so easy with an INTEGRA electronic wireless pipette, Labforward's Laboperator universal instrument control, FLUICS CONNECT sample labeling and BETTER BASICS SmartRacks.

Everyone working in a lab knows prolonged pipetting protocols are tedious and error-prone. This is especially true if the protocol involves sample transfers in microplates, such as 96- or 384-well plates.

Not a problem with an integrated solution of Labforward, INTEGRA Biosciences, FLUICS CONNECT and Better Basics Laborbedarf: Better Basics SmartRacks keep your lab organized, Integra's VOYAGER and VIAFLO pipettes integrated into Laboperator workflows ensure streamlined and error-free pipetting, and FLUICS CONNECT’s instantly generated QR codes make you never mix up plates ever again.

Try it yourself at the Intellilab stand, the intelligent lab of tomorrow. Experience how modern technology and connectivity can help you in your daily lab work. Pipette your personal 96-well plate in a few seconds by hand, without having to set volumes manually. At the end print a smart label to tag your samples and get the chance to win a brand new VOYAGER pipette, a Laboperator connector box including free licences, Better Basiscs lab gadgets or a 30% life-time discount for FLUICS Connect Starter Set.

The SmartRack© is a modular organization system for laboratory accessories and laboratory glassware and is a solution for the lack of space and the untidiness in laboratories. The SmartRack© enables the user to work efficiently. Furthermore, it improves safety at the workplace and creates free work space. Due to the modular design of the holder, the SmartRack© can be adapted to the individual needs of the user.

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The sample and inventory tracking solution FLUICS CONNECT is flexible and simple to maintain. With the shared database, QR coded labels and a mobile scanning app research labs get an overview of what is stored in freezers, nitrogen tanks, safety cabinets, etc. The Internet connected FLUICS PRINT label printers can also be easily integrated in other software tools such as LIMS and ELN.

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The distance between the tips of the VOYAGER pipettes can be changed electronically at the touch of a button, allowing access to a wide variety of laboratory vessels during pipetting: e.g. from 96 to 384 well plates or sample transfers from tubes directly into microplates. VOYAGER pipettes use the GripTip tip system to ensure tips are perfectly attached all the time and never leak.

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Labfolder is an intuitive and powerful electronic lab notebook (ELN) that can streamline life in the lab by simplifying data documentation.

Labregister is an effective and comprehensive laboratory inventory management system (LIMS) that facilitates oversight of a lab’s entire inventory.

Laboperator is a smart and agile lab execution system (LES) that connects laboratory equipment to a central platform, enabling teams to automate and monitor existing laboratory devices.

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