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Photometric identity analysis of an API with assisted weighing and measurement—including smart solvent management and inventory control.

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Identity test of a pharmaceutical drug (API) using a completely software-supported user guidance with automatic data-acquisition and transmission

The workflow conveys how a laboratory assistant is completely automatically guided through a sample preparation and analysis process. The software guides the user step-by-step and checks for potential danger—for example an insufficient ventilation in the chemical cabinet—and suggests measures or decides if the following steps can be carried out. Additionally, the current location of the chemical compound in the cabinet and the consumption is tracked and will be re-ordered automatically once a minimal remaining amount is reached.

The workflow is primarily focused in a first step on the preparation of the sample to be analyzed. The laboratory assistant will be guided through all steps - starting from finding the right chemicals, the initial weight of the substance to be analyzed until the addition of dissolvents and methanol—using the integrated software solution. This guidance prevents for mistakes of the user while carrying out each step of the protocol. Consequently, all data, for example the initial weight or the added amount of chemicals is transferred automatically from the balance to the laboratory software. The automatic data acquisition and transmission circumvents transmission errors due to manual work within the process. Through a sensor attached to the sample vessel data points such as temperature and pressure are monitored in real-time by the software and provided to the laboratory assistant to inform for example about overheating of the sample.

After completion of the sample preparation it is treated within a spectrometer again software-guided and allows the user to finally identify the sample.


Mettler Toledo—Analytical balance XPR 205DR plus Spectrophotometer UV7

The functions integrated in the balance ensure that all important conditions for a correct weighing process are met. Electrostatic charges on samples / containers are detected automatically. Data integrity is ensured in conjunction with the LabX software. The optical measurement performance of the UV7 meets pharmacopoeia requirements. A full spectrum scan is performed in just one second.

DÜPERTHAL—Network-compatible, fire-resistant safety storage cabinet CLASSIC line type 90

For safe handling of hazardous substances at the workplace, DÜPERTHAL will integrate a network-compatible, fire-resistant safety storage cabinet CLASSIC line type 90 according to DIN EN 14470-1. The TÜV-tested safety cabinet provides information on the consumption of process-relevant substances via sensors in weighing cells. The data is acquired by a software for processing and documentation.

Merck—Spectroquant® Prove 300 UV/Vis

Spectroquant® Prove 300 is an incredibly robust UV/VIS spectrophotometer, optimized for sensitive measurements such as the analysis of drinking water and beverages. Programmed for over 180 reagent tests and free methods, capable of both UV and VIS measurements, and equipped with a long-lasting xenon lamp, Prove 300 is the ideal tool for rapid, reliable results.

Merck—Sea Star Lab Information Hub

Sea Star Lab Information Hub is an open integration layer for all your analytical and biological laboratory data. It combines a massively scalable file store and a comprehensive meta data repository. Now you can surface and navigate cross-functional R&D and production data in FAIR and accessible formats. The AnIML data format unifies data across vendors and techniques - beautifully presented by Sea Star on the web, desktop and mobile. Sea Star runs in the cloud and scales from small labs to the enterprise.

Integra—VIAFLO: Ergonomic Electronic Multichannel Pipettes

The single-, 8-, 12- and 16-channel electronic VIAFLO pipettes together with the GripTip pipet-te tips form a perfect pipetting system. GripTips snap into place with minimal force and remain securely attached. The balanced weight provides unsurpassed ergonomics. The unique touch wheel and color display allow settings to be changed very quickly.

Integra—VOYAGER: Electronic multichannel pipettes with adjustable tip spacing

The distance between the tips of the VOYAGER pipettes can be changed electronically at the touch of a button, allowing access to a wide variety of laboratory vessels during pipetting: e.g. from 96 to 384 well plates or sample transfers from tubes directly into microplates. VOYAGER pipettes use the GripTip tip system to ensure tips are perfectly attached all the time and never leak.

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