Robotic mechanical arm is manipulating chemical tubes in a medical laboratory
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Automatic process control for dosing and mixing of samples, automatically monitored by sensors, OPC UA networked devices.

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Automated User Guided Process Control for Dosing and Stirring of Samples —WORKflow

The user is guided through the entire process—USERflow. A sample for an exothermic reaction is removed from the chemical cabinet and the following process is started.

The process control is made possible by the ERP system connection of the INTEGRIS iLIMS. The needed data are unified. This enables a cross-device data flow—DATAflow.

All parameters and data of the sample processing e.g. temperature, volumes and stirring speed are communicated to the laboratory devices “Hirschmann dispenser opus” and “2mag Magnetic Stirrer MIXdrive 15” via OPC UA interfaces and controlled by sensors—LIQUIDflow.

Easy, fast and -most important- reproducible creating and processing of samples is raising the quality, reliability and process safety of the daily laboratory routine.

WORKflow + USERflow + DATAflow + LIQUIDflow = FLOWlab



opus® is a modular system designed for precise titration and dispensing. opus® enables laboratory workflows in titration and dispensing, configurable with its control module eliminating volume deviations, and guaranteeing continues reproducibility of results—quick, safe, accurate.


rotarus® is a multi-applicable pump family available in a variety of motors, pump heads and protection classes with an intelligent control for superior volume delivery for a broad spectrum of applications, in the lab and or industry. A variety of motors, from 30 to 100 Watt, ensure precise delivery in speeds from 0.2 to 3100 revolution per minutes (rpm), with the RFID support of an automatic setup detection of pump heads and tubes, error in volume delivery are in the past.

2mag—Magnetic Stirrer with OPC-UA Interface

A sample for an exothermic reaction is removed from the chemical cabinet and the following process is started. The process control follows the iNTEGRIS ERP system, all needed parameters e.g. temperature, volumes and stirring speed will be communicated to laboratory devices “Hirschmann opus” and “2mag Magnetic Stirrer” via OPC-UA interface and controlled by sensors.

Integris LIMS—Fully integrated laboratory software

iLIMS is a fully integrated laboratory software for contract, research and company laboratories, which manages laboratory processes from order management to result presentation. The laboratory solution is based on a modern Java framework, is platform-independent and meets the requirements of mobile data acquisition. The LIMS is offered pre-configured for different industries and enables the adaptation to individual laboratory processes through extensive configuration options.

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