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Immerse yourself in the digital world of laboratory process optimization, supported by a strong alliance of leading companies. Communication between devices and the laboratory management system takes place seamlessly via the universal OPC UA LADS interface, the development of which is supported by the industry association Spectaris e.V.

Starting with the sampling of your beer through to the final analysis results, the entire process is managed by SAMPLES, a laboratory software from Qualitype GmbH. Sample digestion is made possible by magnetic stirrers from 2mag AG, which can be easily and effectively controlled via the OPC device standard. Process monitoring is carried out by the sensor pallet mold from essentim GmbH. Temperature, light, moisture and oxygen content are monitored continuously.

The innovative TD Core from Gerstel GmbH sets new standards in sample analysis. The analysis results are not only fast, but also extremely precise—a result of the successful collaboration between different areas of expertise.

With this harmonious integration of different technologies, you not only achieve efficient process control, but also the highest standards in analysis. Discover the seamless symbiosis between process control and analysis—a pioneering cooperation between several companies to optimize your laboratory work. Find out how this combined expertise is shaping the future of laboratory management.