Do the cool Weigh! – Guided Process and Smart Monitoring

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Immerse yourself in the reality of contemporary laboratory workflows with the innovative integration of hardware components! Advanced iHEX panels from Smart Lab Solutions, equipped with an integrated laboratory scale and touch monitor, as well as safety refrigerators from DÜPERTHAL equipped with monitoring sensors, are now seamlessly interconnected. This groundbreaking combination is controlled through the process management of LABITUDE by Smart Lab Solutions, which integrates the digital inventory management of DÜPERTHAL connect through an interface.

In the midst of this solution, essentim's sensors in the chemical safety cabinets play the role of precise monitoring of environmental parameters.

The benefits of intelligent integration:

  • Automated and nearly real-time documentation of chemical consumption
  • Highest safety standards and complete traceability and documentation of storage conditions
  • Support in occupational safety by instantly providing all necessary documents
  • Time savings by eliminating manual documentation of batch numbers
  • Efficiency improvement by ending time-consuming searches for containers

Experience a transparent and efficient laboratory routine – the future has already begun!