Intralogistics – Smart Lab-Delivery

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The United Robotics Group is developing third-generation robots – robots designed for humans. Acceptance as well as simple, intuitive usability were at the core of the development of the autonomous and collaborative robot, Kevin. This innovative laboratory robot was designed to provide optimal support to researchers in their lab work – connecting workflows 24/7 by transporting racks, MTP plates, and other formats in the SBS standard. At the "Digital Transformation" exhibition, KEVIN takes on a key role in intralogistics, ensuring smooth processes between various use cases. The SAMPLES software by Biotype oversees these processes and sends tasks to the tireless helper.

For those who prefer not to lose sight of their samples, SmartLab Solutions offers an innovative solution with the mobile iHEX Element. Here, the laboratory table becomes an intelligent transport vehicle that can be easily redocked at the destination – be it at a laboratory bench from Waldner or other iHEX elements. This goes beyond the function of a conventional lab table, as beneath the surface lies a well-thought-out integration of the lab, enabling digital control of devices and processes.