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Precise food analyses with complete data integration!

Tired of monotonous, error-prone workflows in the lab? Our "Sweet Lab Digitalization" workflow offers the solution! Experience a seamless integration of laboratory technology and software that revolutionizes everyday laboratory work. Workflow-based, you can analyze biological and chemical samples in parallel and without barriers.

Our workflow seamlessly combines the precision of Mettler Toledo's UV photometers and the advanced sensor technology of the mobile, autonomous Sens-o-Spheres microsensors from amensio. iLIMS from INTEGRIS LIMS takes over the consistent and efficient data aggregation and maintains control via the LES iCONTROL and manages the communication via actuators such as the magnetic stirrers from 2mag.

With "Sweet Lab Digitalization", food sample analysis becomes a smooth, efficient process where precision and documentation go hand in hand. Increase your lab efficiency with the innovative combination of amensio, INTEGRIS LIMS, Mettler Toledo and 2mag - for results you can trust!