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Embark on a journey to the forefront of laboratory automation with our collaborative innovation—the introduction of a fully autonomous cobot system! Experience a titration workflow like never before—digitized and automated.

In our hands-free lab automation, a robotic arm takes over tasks traditionally performed by your lab staff. Imagine a sample being digested in acid in a 2mag stirred dry bath and seamlessly transferred to a customized autosampler (MLE Dresden GmbH). The Mettler Toledo titrator then automatically records the titration curve. Thanks to the LabX software used, the titrator is directly connected to the process software.

And that's not all: the results are transferred autonomously to the FLUICS CONNECT smart labeling system. This system not only includes the assembly of the devices for the process, but also ensures full traceability of each sample, giving confidence in the integrity of your data.

Join us as we look forward to the future of laboratory processes, where innovation and collaboration come together to redefine efficiency. Discover the digital approach to the titration workflow—an autonomous cobot system that revolutionizes your lab experience!