The laboratory of the future

The completely new concept of the special show “Digital Transformation” demonstrates across individual vendors typical analysis processes in the laboratory with the help of innovative products and software.

Smart lab of the future to experience, touch and test

Against the backdrop of increasing digitalization, various processes and structures will have to be rethought in the laboratory of the future. Indispensable for the start of the new era are network-capable laboratory devices with intelligent functions, complex holistic automation concepts and efficient interface solutions. The continuous availability of gigantic amounts of data places new demands on data handling and secure data storage.

Special show Forum Digital Transformation 2022

At the special show Forum Digital Transformation at analytica 2022, a total of five use-cases for the networked and digitized laboratory were presented. Equipment and software manufacturers showed cross-product digitization solutions using relevant practical examples. The spectrum ranges from cobot-assisted work processes for sample preparation and analysis and user-oriented process control with laboratory execution systems to horizontally and vertically networked yet modularly adaptable instrument solutions.

The focus was always on the shared laboratory infrastructure and seamless integration between sample input to quality-assured analysis results. A special highlight was the virtual journey through the laboratory of the future in the VR area.

Innovative software and devices presented by

  • 2MAG
  • Better Basics
  • Düperthal
  • Essentim
  • Fluics
  • Integris Lims
  • Intergra Biosciences
  • Labforward
  • Mettler Toledo
  • Thermo-Fisher Scientific
  • TU Dresden
  • SmartLab Solutions
  • kreatiVRaum