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Bioinformatics—the key interdisciplinary function

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As the leading international trade fair for biotechnology, analytica presents the latest trends and model configurations for biotechnology. In today's life-science sector, computer-based analysis and evaluation methods are indispensible when investigating molecular relationships. As a key interdisciplinary function, bioinformatics has special significance for a variety of applications. As the leading international trade fair for biotechnology, analytica presents the latest trends and model configurations on this topic.

The leading tradefair for biotechnology
The leading tradefair for biotechnology
Important topics in the bioinformatics market

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Following find an outline of participating companies of analytica 2020:

You can find all the leading manufacturers and startups focusing on biotechnology which participate in analytica 2020 in our exibition directory.

Analytica—the leading tradefair for biotechnology

Innovative automation and software solutions, specific programs and the latest computer tools such as highly sensitive 3D computer graphics are the focus here. After all, computer models and computer simulations make a significant contribution to development success in the “in silico” laboratory.

Next-generational sequencing methods are in great demand, particularly in synthetic biology, drug research and point-of-care diagnostics. Besides conventional sequencing methods, new ultrahigh throughput sequencing and direct sequencing methods will be introduced at analytica in Munich. They can be used to generate gigantic quantities of data very quickly and affordably. Genome sequencing systems, genome analyzers, PCR technologies, fluorescence microscopes and image processing, and the latest separation techniques using high-resolution mass spectrometer couplings for nucleotide and oligonucleotide separation will also be presented in Munich.

Having emerged from the life sciences and informatics, bioinformatics has been a discipline in its own right for quite some time. Bioinformatics methods make a significant contribution to successes in the modern life sciences. New models and features such as those that are needed in current research will be presented in a structured context at analytica.

Bioinformatics models from sample preparation of biological source materials, series of experiments using cell materials or forensic samples, drug discovery and screening to data evaluation and data management will be presented by experts for experts in Munich.

Bioinformatics revolutionized research

Bioinformatics has revolutionized genome research. Advances in pharmaceutical research and personalized medicine can without a doubt be attributed to bioinformatics. Today, biobanks are a matter of course. And expansion into the nutrition sciences continues to increase in significance.

Dealing with the gigantic flood of data in these disciplines, the need to archive and store sample materials as required by law with increasingly stringent demands and costs are the focus of all discussions about rapid data availability, increased efficiency and safety.

Automation, LIMS, software and communication solutions, digitalization, smart devices and tools can be found in the various segments of the life sciences. At the same time, the demands placed on the various services in this sector are also increasing.

Fit for the future thanks to bioinformatics

Today, bioinformatics structures are key factors for scientific and commercial success in various branches of industry. Having emerged from biotechnology and moved into pharma and personalized medicine, now it is making its way into the nutrition sciences.

However, this development is far from over. New challenges must be met by manufacturers and users alike. That is why analytica is such an outstanding navigation system for future solutions.

Gather information about the following topics in the rapidly growing bioinformatics market:

Biobanks • Computer-aided evaluation and measuring techniques • Software, evaluation techniques, LIMS, data management, databases • Automation • Molecular biology • Cell biology • Biomedicine • Nutrition medicine • Personalized medicine • Genome research • Next-generation sequencing • Genomics, metabolomics, proteomics • Omics technologies • Comparative genomics • System biology • Pharma research • Active-substance research • Bio-based substances • Nutrition • Agriculture sciences • Networks • Intelligent laboratory equipment, the intelligent laboratory • Smart laboratory equipment • Laboratory supplies • Communication between laboratory equipment, networked laboratory equipment • Process digitalization • IP, information technology • Big data • Cloud computing • Mobile Internet

analytica 2022—Trade show information for exhibitors

analytica 2022 will take place from June 21 to 24, 2022 at the Messe München exhibition center.

In 5 halls with a total of 55,200 square meters, you will find exactly the right place to present your company to your audience in a targeted and effective manner. As the industry's most important marketplace, analytica brings together scientists, entrepreneurs and users from all over the world. Market leaders, global players and decision-makers meet at the industry's most authoritative forum with trade visitors from high-investment industrial sectors as well as from research and science. Use the powerful network for your success.

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